Great Construction

Talk by Meishu-sama

     This is the first Mi-ro-ku Grand Service to be held since becoming World Messianity. It is indeed a day for congratulations.
     Although there is a span of 600 years between the death 2,600 years ago of Shakyamuni and that of Christ, 2,000 years ago still these two personages have overshadowed the past 2,600 years.
     Shakyamuni represents the vertical and Christ, the horizontal. When these two are joined, it becomes the activity of God. This principle is well in accord with my other teachings.
     Christ is horizontal, therefore, expansive. Buddhism is vertical, and there is no activity of the horizontal.
     The way it is supposed to be is that Messiah will appear for salvation at the time of the last judgment.
     During the age of Christ, there was much discussion about whether or not Jesus was the Messiah, and that Jesus was not Messiah became the widely-held view. Nor did Christ say that he was Messiah.
     It is held that Christ was put on the cross to bear the sins of the people of the world. There is still discussion about this point, but the subject will be made clear soon. I would really like the Messianic Hall to be ready in time for the Mi-ro-ku Service next year. The building will accommodate 1,500 persons.
     On the part of God, there is a great plan. The day before yesterday, the United Statesc..In the U.S., there is something of a great contrivance. The Grounds of Auspicious Clouds will suit the taste of Americans.

Unpublished transcription, March 5, 1950
translated by cynndd