Great Construction

Record of Oral Teachings, Issue 3
November 25, 1951

October 28, 1951

QUESTION: My daughter (5 years old) is not developing well. Since the age of three, due to her physical constitution, she has not been able to walk. Because of circumstances around us we had an x-ray examination performed and were told that she has a dislocated left foot and that if the foot were put in a cast, it would be healed. Since August of this year, she has been receiving Johrei. At present her abdomen is swollen and she can walk while she swings from left to right. Her leg below her left knee joint is bent and her right knee joint is slightly higher but slightly curved. I would like to ask:
Is it all right to let her walk with the dislocation?
Will the curve in her legs heal?
Where to channel Johrei
     Thank you for any guidance you can give.
MEISHU-SAMA: Her leg wonft get better if it is put in cast! Because dislocation means that these places are separated. gDislocationh is often talked about, but mistakes are made. The stomach is said to be swollen, but that is because the stomachs in infants often swell. This is not of great importance. This problem comes from a reborn spirit. Maybe it died by falling from a high place or was hit, the leg was damaged, and before the leg could be completely healed, the spirit was reborn. This will heal. Healing will take a long time. Because even dislocations can be healed with Johrei. What has become separated, will gradually return to its original position. This is really something. That is because it is spirit. When the spirit heals, the body will follow. So, when Johrei is channeled, the spirit is healed, the body imitates the spirit. Infants will heal faster. You donft need undue concern. It will not heal if put in a cast. It will harden, solidify. It doesnft matter if she walks. Walking will not be the reason healing does not go smoothly.
QUESTION: In the case of bone setting, they say that they put the dislocated limb back in place. Will the bone heal with Johrei even if it is not put back?
MEISHU-SAMA: Yes. There are few people can truly set a bone. It is very difficult. Putting one bone in another. There was a doctor in Aoyama whose name is Kokubun. Now he was a master in bone setting and he could do it when others could not. Bone setting can be that difficult.
QUESTION: Is it all right to not concern yourself with it if the bone is separated?
MEISHU-SAMA: Thatfs right. It will heal, so it is all right not to worry about it.
QUESTION: With Johrei, even in the case of an infant as described just before?
MEISHU-SAMA: The spirit is like this (showing a curve), so when the spirit is healed, so is the physical body. Also in this case, because it is an infant.
QUESTION: I am this year a forty-seven year old married woman and have not joined yet. One day in 1930, my second daughter contracted chronic intestinal catarrh with the complications of meningitis, and she died on that day. Since that time during conversations with people, there are frequently occasions when suddenly I cannot speak for a little while. In 1932, my eldest son was born, and since that time, when talking with other people, light convulsions occur, I fall forward and find myself in a condition so preposterous I cannot bear it. In 1934, I became pregnant again, the convulsions became stronger, and one time when I was carrying a child on my back, I found myself suddenly starting to fall. The diagnosis from a medical examination was congenital epilepsy and the pregnancy was terminated at five months. In 1939, I suddenly experienced a loss of blood, and surgery was conducted on my fallopian tubes. After that, convulsions have continued, and at the worst times, I fall down and become unconsciousness. I am also incontinent with large amounts of urine, which is worse from morning till noon. Convulsions are particularly severe during sleep, and at times, it seems as though I am wandering around the entire room. The convulsions last for about two or three minutes, and a week before menstruation starts, my nipples start hurting (I have had surgery for inflammation of the mammary glands), and the convulsions worsen. In my childhood, I suffered from Fothergillfs disease and every kind of treatment was tried, but there was no effect. In regard to Fothergillfs disease up to the present, with a week of Johrei, the pain in the front part of my head and in the medulla oblongata has gone away, and for now convulsions in the evenings and afternoons have gone away. When I start to receive Johrei, convulsions start, and, while laughing, my hands and whole body feels constricted, I take off all my clothes, lie down horizontally, and urine is discharged. What are the reasons this occurs?
     What should I do to be able to receive blessings?
MEISHU-SAMA: This is the infantfs spirit. One, two persons, those spirits. Now, when they died, the way they were memorialized might have been insufficient and then again, they may be full of regret and have attachment for their mother. They cannot dwell in the spiritual world, and they call out for their motherfs spirit. When offspring yearn for a parent and when they possess the parent, epilepsy occurs. This is what epilepsy is. Another thing is that when various medical treatments are tried, onefs own spirit becomes clouded, and epilepsy becomes much more likely to occur. The discharge of urine is because the possessing spirit is an infant and discharges urine like an infant. Now, Fothergillfs disease has nothing to do with the spirit. If possession had occurred immediately after surgery, there would be a relationship, but your condition results from the death of the baby. Your condition will heal, but it will take a long time. You must try and help to save the soul of the infant. So, in your family altar, enshrine a Kannon screen, and even though you have yet to join the faith, you should as quickly as you can and then enshrine a Tathagata of Divine Light scroll. Make it a point to sleep in the same room where the scroll is enshrined, and by channeling Johrei appropriately, you will heal.
QUESTION: A female, thirty-one years old this year. Five years ago, the right hand steadily became difficult to move, and the diagnosis from a medical examination at University of Tokyo Hospital was that the disease was one where the nerves of the brain were being constricted and that its origins were unknown. She was told she would die in five years and until now has received various treatments to no effect, gradually worsening. She has come to feel much better with one month of Johrei and she has regained some use of her hand, but her medulla oblongata and shoulders are still stiff and the condition does not improve definitely. I would like to ask about the cause of this condition and areas to channel Johrei.
MEISHU-SAMA: A disease that constricts the nerves of the brain\what a peculiar disease. The disease that they call constricting, that constriction is the disease. Constriction is the result. Rather than talking about results, they should explain why the constriction is occurring. This is nothing at all. It is awful to say that one will die over something like this. Patients hardly ever die because of something like this. What they are calling the nerves in the brain is a stiffening in the head. My head is continually constricted, especially when I write. This condition does not improve because there is hardening here (lymph glands in the neck). You will get purification activity if you channel Johrei here. The right side of the head is stiff. It is best to channel Johrei from here to here (lymph glands). This is really nothing at all.
QUESTION: I joined in October this year and my wife, in July. On October 7, 1948, soon after the birth of our eldest daughter Yoshiko, her mother was diagnosed with beriberi of the breasts, and for about a month both mother and child were injected with vitamins. During that time Yoshiko was so seriously ill that she couldnft utter a sound, but after about ten days of injections, she became normal. After that she came down with tympanitis. Around March this year, we realized that Yoshiko could not hear in either ear, and when we had her diagnosed, because it was said to be a marriage of relatives, we were told to take her to a school for the death and dumb. After that, we went to a neighborhood doctor and he injected her with vitamins for about five days, but there was no change. This is how things stand, and in July, after joining this path, the church head and Reverend Yamashita have channeled Johrei, and now my wife and I are channeling Johrei. Once in a while one of the reverends channels Johrei. Right now, she can say, gGooc, gooc,h but nothing clearly. She seems to be trying to say other things, but she becomes irritated. She always has a cold and is feverish. She discharges sputum and there is a hard lump below the parotid gland in her jaw. Is this condition congenital or is it postcongenital? The grandfather passed away from palsy and my father, from stomach cancer. At present the mother is receiving Johrei every day for palsy. In July this year, we dedicated a Kannon screen in the family altar.
MEISHU-SAMA: There is a hardened lump. Now, conditions of the ears are because there are a lot of toxins in the medulla oblongata. Since it is the ears, I think the cause must be here (side of the ears), but if not there, the medulla oblongata. If you channel to the medulla oblongata, it will heal. Medicinal toxins from the parents accumulate here. Vitamins are helping only a little. The toxins have come here (the throat). This is not serious at all. It will get better. She is only three, so if she can say ggooc, gooc,h she is all right. So, the medulla oblongata and here (the lymph glands) have lumps. This is it. At times like these, it is important not to strain when channeling. If you are completely relaxed when you channel Johrei, these areas will heal.
QUESTION: This is about a member who joined in July this year. She is four months pregnant (age 33). She had a medical examination because she is pregnant and was told she had a prolapsed womb. As far as her perceived symptoms are concerned, her abdomen is slightly swollen, and she does not feel well. The doctor recommended surgery, but the woman says she wants to follow the path wholeheartedly. In February this year, she had slight purification in her peritoneum for which she received Johrei. After the stiffness in her whole body was gone and she got healthy, she became pregnant. Recently, she found out that her husband has a mistress, and it seems that the mistress really hates the wife. Are the causes of her condition spiritual? Or, are they physical? Or is it because the womb is prolapsed during pregnancy?
MEISHU-SAMA: A prolapsed womb means that the womb is dropping down towards the vagina, but this is not what is happening in this case. That the mistress resents the wife is backwards. The womb does not become prolapsed during pregnancy. The opening is the same size and the womb expands. It is not prolapsing by much. This story just doesnft add up. This must have happened since she became a member, but I do think she has gotten better. She became better, and she went to the doctor becausecoh, thatfs right, she wanted to have the doctor deliver the childc. Therefs something wrong with that doctor. A prolapsed womb is when the womb comes out through the vagina, so this is not the case. This is absolutely not the case here, so everything is all right as it is. This is really troubling. Because this doctor says such outrageous things, the patient worries unnecessarily. People like me trusted the doctors we used to have, but knowing now what we know about medicine, it seems like we should interpret doctors backwards. Thatfs the most accurate way. I myself became healthy by doing the opposite of what medical and hygienic theory prescribed, so I became healthy. You will not be wrong if you interpret things like this opposite to what is said.
QUESTION: When I (Ayako Fujiwara, age 44) was fourteen years old, a needle was stuck into my lower neck and with the momentum of the thrust, it pierced through the left-side nipple and the next day, it really hurt, so I went to the doctor. I was told that germs had gotten into the wound and that it was infected, so surgery was performed and in forty days it healed. For that reason or another, I have almost no milk from my left breast. After that there was nothing, and then, from the summer of my forty-second year, two or three times a day my left-side nipple started hurting as if pierced by a needle. A lump formed around my heart, gradually becoming larger, and the times it hurt like a sting increased. From the spring of my forty-third year, when I touched my nipple, a small amount of red-black blood came out, and family members repeatedly recommended that I see a doctor, but because I was afraid of surgery and since the pain wasnft continuous, I left it as it was. As I was about to become forty-forty years-old, I got a lump about the size and hardness of an overturned childfs rice bowl. On February 28 of this year, I heard about the blessings of this path from a follower in my neighborhood, and started receiving Johrei from that day. After a week, a wound opened underneath the nipple on the left side and became larger each day. A lot of pus came out. For about two days starting March 23, I had the purification of fever of about forty degrees, and under my left armpit and by my left nipple, a lump about the size of a fingertip formed which became larger each day. Since then I have received Johrei every day. I joined the church on April 10 and am trying very hard to follow this path. At the end of April, I received my second purification of fever, and a lump about the size of a fingertip formed under my right-side armpit, and even now it is still there. The lump on my left side has gradually gotten bigger, a wound has opened, and pus copiously flows out. Under the left side of my nipple, a wound of a little over two centimeters opened. I have received sacred paper to place over the wound and put absorbent cotton over that. Over both these, a two-meter-long length of gauze is wrapped over it eight times. It is changed four times a day. So much pus comes out, it has no place to go. At the end of June, the wound hurt a lot. A Kannon screen was enshrined in my family altar on July 15. That night, my nipple hurt a lot, and while I changed the sacred paper, a lump about 7.5 centimeters full of impure blood came off from the nipple. Since that time there has been hardly any pain, and the wound seems to have been hallowed out from the center of the nipple. After that, under the left armpit seven or eight lumps which can be felt with the fingertips formed that gradually made an opening, have become one lump, and has become a puffy wound about 7.5 centimeters high and 4.5 centimeters across. I think the amount of pus that has come out is about half compared to what was discharged in May. From around August, the area under the shoulder joint became numb, and I felt pain as if my muscles were being pulled, but from September 10, I went to the church every day, and as I received Johrei, I received a blessing at the end of the month. The pain I had felt was greatly eased. At the time that I received my second purification, the lump under my right armpit, which is still the same as before, that lump as if linked, formed a line to the top of my right breast countless lumps could be felt by touching with a finger. Right now, there is an opening on the right side, and it feels as if a wound is opening. On September 25, my daughter-in-law joined the church, and I would like to dedicate a Tathagata of Divine Light scroll, but the ceiling of our second floor is too low and we are not able to dedicate it. Next year we are going to build a house, so I hope to dedicate the scroll then. At one time I was greatly weakened, but through blessings and the encouragement of the church ministers and followers in the neighborhood, as I follow this path, I am trying very hard to eat steadily, and bit by bit I have regained strength.
     How will this purification change from now on? I wonder what is the cause of the large amount of pus? What should I do to get over this purification as soon as possible?
MEISHU-SAMA: This is very good. This is really something. If you had not joined, you would have had no life. To respond from the beginning of this story, when the needle was first stuck in the body, if the needle had just been taken out and thrown away, this would have been nothing. To say there were germs\this is a mistake. Yes, you were stabbed by a needle and a wound was made. As I always say, if irritated by burn or a wound, germs accumulate. It looks as if germs are in there. There are germs there. We can say they are there, but they are few. They do come. You can see from yourself sometime. Between the time of the burn and when germs come, people usually apply oil or ointment. Even so, the wound swells, doesnft it? If oil is applied to a burn caused by heat, there is no reason for germs to come. But, they do come. It is the same as burning moxa on the skin. The wound would have been better if left alone. Let the germs that might come, come, and even then the wound will heal. But, there is also disinfectant. As I always say, disinfectants are terrifying. For the most part, this person has a lot of poisons. Furthermore, every time the gauze was changed, disinfectants were applied which gradually permeated into the body, and in that whole area, the blood became impure. These impurities are being discharged. These impurities are the blood and pus mixed together. That is really quite something. In various forms, the toxins swell to a large size at one time, and then at another, in a small lump. If the reason isnft known, one goes to a doctor and the lump is cut off. And, at that time, disinfectants are used, and one gets weaker, and there are many people who do die. So, you have had a narrow escape from death. While receiving Johrei with this condition, the amount of poisons was gradually reduced and the size of the swelling decreased as well. Therefore, just a little bit more of patience is needed. And then you will be completely healed. Another point is that when you are healed with Johrei, a hole will open and other things will happen but no marks will remain and the skin will go back to its original condition, so there is no need for worry. What will happen now is at the joint of the arm, the purification is for that lump. You are very fervent so it is very good. Within this year, your condition should get a lot better.
Teachings [Meishu-sama]
     The subject of the BCG vaccine has become a very highly debated issue, so I have written about it.
(Guidance given after a reading of gThe Problem of the BCG Vaccine,h and gIs the BCG Vaccine Harmful or Harmless?\Testimonial: I Had the Harmful Poisons of the BCG Vaccine Purified,h Eikô, Issue 130, November 14, 1951)
     After these essays are published in our newspaper, I am thinking of sending a copy to the Minister for Health and Welfare. In other words, from now on, around this year, poisoning has occurred quite often, and that is because the spiritual world has changed. From now on, drugs will\as has just been read, not solidify the toxins, so doubts about drugs will gradually start to develop. Therefore, as I always say, in the end doctors themselves will come to hold that drugs should not be used. When it comes to the point that drugs cannot be used, medical science itself will become untenable, that is, become useless. That is because drugs are central to medical science. When drugs cannot be used, it will be the end. It is at that time that we will come to the fore. That time is not far off. It is gradually approaching. Until now I have not written of the small pox vaccination, but it is an essential part of gThe Book of Medical Scienceh in Creation of Civilization, so I have written about it in detail. This essay will be put at the end of gThe Book of Medical Science.h
(Reading of essay, gSmallpox Vaccinationh and teaching afterward)
     The testimonial that is a part of this essay has been omitted. There is a place in the testimonial where, when the aunt was channeling Johrei at the hospital, she heard the steps of the doctor coming and hid under the bed. She channeled Johrei when the doctor wasnft there and the nurses werenft around, but even so she had excellent results. She should have channeled Johrei more openly.
QUESTION: If Johrei is frequently channeled, will the results be less severe?
MEISHU-SAMA: Yes, the more frequently Johrei is channeled, the lighter the suffering will be. This case of smallpox was very severe. This case was severe because the smallpox vaccination had not been given. Even among doctors, they call gstrongh those individuals who are not vaccinated. But this is because the purification function is not suppressed at all.
QUESTION: As far as I know, scabies does not appear on the face but smallpox does. Why is that?
MEISHU-SAMA: It really should be that nothing comes out on the face. Anything to be discharged should come out from the body. This is because the face is always exposed, so the skin should be stronger, or at least thicker. Neither should anything come out on the hands, but that is where smallpox appears. It could be called one form of sin or impurity. There is that. But drugs are the cause, so it is very bad to take drugs. Therefore, this is one of thosecone of those sufferings. But, this condition was healed so easily, so for us it is no problem. Therefore, if the use of drugs is stopped, gradually it will disappear\the smallpox, that is.
QUESTION: When that wife [girl] contracted smallpox, doesnft she become a source of infection?
MEISHU-SAMA: Yes, infection can also spread.
QUESTION: When you feel any danger during that period, if you earnestly channel Johrei, will it be all right without too much trouble?
MEISHU-SAMA: Thatfs right. The suffering will be lighter. This is the case with scabies. Scabies is created by the smallpox vaccination. If it comes out quickly, it will end faster, but at the same time that it is quicker, there will be more suffering. I came down with scabies at the end of 1947, and it has been a full four years, but some still remains. Ifm always scratching my ears, right? That is the scabies. So it is really troubling. One more thing, the reason for the prevalence of injections now\the origins are because it was thought that smallpox was prevented through the smallpox vaccination, so as it was said that sicknesses could be prevented if vaccinations were administered like smallpox vaccinations, so, injections have their origins in smallpox vaccinations. Her face was made whole without getting pockmarked, but on the other hand, this was certainly a case of a great amount of accumulated sin. Vaccination is not a goodness but a badness.

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