Great Construction

Record of Oral Teachings, Issue 19
March 15, 1953

February 5, 1953 (Teachings for the Beginning of Spring Service)

     The beginning of spring was really yesterday, but with various matters going on, this service was postponed a day. To think about this, yesterdayfs weather was most peculiar and todayfs is very fine, so I believe it is God who has postponed the service. There is no special significance to this postponement. Last year, the Service for the Beginning of Spring was held on the fifth also, so it feels to me that this year as well, it has been decided to proceed in this way.
     In regards to the Beginning of Spring Service this year, as a part of Godfs celebration Mr. Tagafs wife was possessed, and what she had to say was taken down. Ifll have it read.
(Reading of report, gCongratulations on the Beginning of Spring Service from Various Deitiesh)
     Now, to talk about rice farming, every year, the Asahi newspaper determines who is number one in rice production in Japan, and on the first there was a report in the Asahi newspaper. This yearfs number one is Mr. Yoshinori Ôkawa of Kagawa Prefecture who reported a production of a little over 31 bushels (a little over 1,000 liters). Yesterday, the reports from Natural Cultivation arrived and among them, a Mr. Ino of Gifu Prefecture reported producing about 18 bales. The report came in the form of a round-table discussion, and it is indeed a pity that the facts have not been verified. I instructed them to be sure to submit their products in the contest next year, but in any case, the results are certainly wonderful. I have written an essay gFifty Percent Increases in Five Years,h but this was just for members. To be sure, even greater increases are possible. I am sure double the present production. If I write this, however, it wonft be believed, so I wrote fifty percent to make it believable. When poisons are completely removed from agriculture, farmers should be able to double their production. This is because, when poisons are removed, the rice seedlings grow stalks, or branches. It seems the reports included many instances of this happening. Ears of rice come out of ears of rice. So, if stalks appear on the seedlings, increase in production should occur, making for better results.
     When we talk about a world free of disease, poverty, and conflict, disease will absolutely be healed with Johrei, and as the greatest incidence of poverty is among farmers, as the costs for fertilizers will disappear for farmers, if they can produce more, poverty will disappear. As for conflict, when individuals have become healthy and strong and have more than enough money in their pockets, household conflicts disappear, and when household conflicts disappear, conflicts in society disappear. War between nations, however, does not disappear so easily, because unlike previous ages, war nowadays is a standoff between two major forces, the United States and the Soviet Union. When the standoff between the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. disappears, the anxiety over a global war will disappear. The situation in the world today, if described in terms of sumo, could be compared to a bout between two yokozuna, two champions. When the bout is over, war disappears. We have come that far. The battle between the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. is World War III. Day by day, it is approaching. In the new yearfs edition of the newspaper, I ran a piece called gThe Tale of a Dream About the World,h and the present situation is moving pretty much along the lines I described in that essay. Since becoming president, Eisenhower has begun to deal with the situation, but by in large, the situation I described in gThe Tale of a Dream about the Worldh is slowly starting to take place.
     In this regard, a Japanese artist who paints in the Western style recently stayed in France for two years, Shigejirô Sano, is someone who is not that well known but who does have talent. He returned to Japan just ten days ago, and because he and I are on rather cordial terms, he came to visit three days ago. I listened to what he had to say on various subjects, and what he says of the situation is largely as I have imagined it. Also, there was a somewhat strange but interesting point he mentioned on which I shall now speak.
     What was most surprising to me was that, whether France or the United Kingdom, national consciousness is disappearing. In the future, it is unknown which country will be control might be the U.S.S.R., and since that might happen, citizens would have to be ready for that possibility, so these populations were making preparations. What these preparations are is to store away gold. The British and French were said to be making great efforts to hoard gold. In order to do so, they were making gold into wire. It is difficult to divide gold into bricks, but wire is easy, whether fine or thick. When people had saved up a little money, they would buy and set aside some gold wire. So, they are anticipating that it may happen that they become subject to the U.S.S.R. Therefore, the will to strike back at attackers and protect their nations has become very weak. It is the United States that is urging that armaments have to be developed, is loaning money for this purpose, and making a big fuss, but the French and British are not persuaded. U.S. Secretary of State Dulles is now in France and he is making a great effort on this issue, urging a replenishment and improvement of armaments, but the populations of both these nations, as I have said, can only be said to have lost a sense of purpose, will. It is in these circumstances that the U.K. and other nations are greatly deficient in foodstuffs, of which I am sure you are well aware as these reports appear often in the newspapers, but for things like eggs, people are limited to buying only so many a week. I asked Mr. Sano about this. The U.K. has so much land, so there must be some open space some where, and you would think someone would start farming. Mr. Sano said that that would be peculiar. The British have imported their food for so long, they do not produce anything on their own. So, as in the case of the Japanese during the war where someone would plant seeds on even the tiniest parcel of land, the British do not. Such circumstances are, as according to my theory, because the British have weakened. They have weakened because of smallpox vaccinations. The physical constitution of the British people has gradually weakened due to the smallpox vaccination. In addition, of course they have weakened due to the continual ingestion of medicines by medical science. Therefore, the nations that were late in adopting smallpox vaccination have to a certain degree maintained their vigor. If the U.S. continues as it has so far, it too will become like the U.K. and France, and when that happens, it will be awful. At this point, the evil forces of the red dragon who are aiming for world hegemony will try to weaken those who assert themselves on the world stage, and they will, at the last resort, use force and violence. That is because they had formed a plan over two thousand some hundred years ago to make the world their own. And, the world is becoming that way according to their plan. England and France have lost their strength, and the U.S. will probably start to weaken before a century has passed. And, in the same way communism is forcing labor on its peoples, and through the labor, work is strengthening the physical bodies of their inhabitants, who will be used as weapons. We are now at a stage precisely before that stage. The reason I published the book Salvation for Americans (Amerika o Sukû) was based on these circumstances. The means by which this situation has been made to come about is by having human beings ingest medicine. gMedicinesh are not medicine but poisons by which the human body is weakened. Human beings have been skillfully deceived to think that medicines are efficacious and that they heal diseases. Whether injections or surgical operations, all are brilliant plans by the evil forces. The present situation is that Japan has been brought into that plan and is being weakened substantially, brought to the point of ninety-nine percent. Civilized peoples have been deceived to the point of ninety-nine percent. That I have started the revolution of medical science is the administration of one percent. That is what the phrase ninety-nine percent means. In such a way will all be made to awaken. Now, I am writing something called Book of Medical Science Revolution. I am carefully writing it to cover the topic thoroughly. It is written so that disease, health, and medical science can be understood. I do believe it has been written so that anyone who reads the book can not but come to understand. I intend to have this book put into English and distributed throughout the U.S. and Europe. This book will be a Bible for the period until disease has completely disappeared from humanity. It is for such reasons that the revolution of medical science has such a deep significance.
     Another point that Mr. Sano made, and this is something I did not know, but it seems that the strength of the Catholic Church is tremendous. What is giving Stalin the most trouble right now is the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church is giving Stalin trouble with great and important artists of all nations. Well-known musicians, famous painters, and so forth. Stalin is trying to entice to his side important authors, and he pays quite a bit of money, but Catholics, that is, Pope Pius XII of the Vatican Palace, pulls these artists to his side. The pope can pay a lot of money that Stalin in no way can hope to match, Communism still cannot vanquish religion. It knows that there is nothing more firmly rooted than religion. Of course, it is so. When the Soviet Union was established, at first it persecuted Christianity and closed the doors of the churches so that parishioners could not enter, but Christians still managed to get in and gather. No matter what the authorities did, they were not able to completely suppress Christians. After several years, Christianity was permitted, but Stalin could still not match religion. From what I hear of the strength of the Catholic Church, it is quite something. It seems to be deeply permeated into the peoples of all the nations of Europe. Even among the rich people of the U.S., there seem to be many Catholics. They have so much money they cannot use it all. Then, in other places, even in Asia, not in the northern part of China, but in the south, Catholics have made rather strong inroads. Catholics are also said to be penetrating even into Africa. So, from my part, Miss Higuchi is going to the U.S., and if she is obstructed, it will probably be by Catholics. As it is religion, obstruction will not be by fighting, but God will skillfully take care of things. It will come to the point where Catholics become followers of World Messianity, but this process will take a lot of time, and since the world cannot be saved in time, God will do something skillfully. In Christianity, it is said that in the future believers must be on the watch for the false Christ. It is written so in the Bible and is to what Christian ministers and pastors are most attentive. Christianity also has the teachings of the Second Coming of Christ. And, it is also said that instead of the false Christ, the real Christ will come. So, as we gradually work, it will become known that this work is that of the true Christ, and all at once Catholics will come to us. God has such a plan. It is only a matter of time. I also know what will happen after that, but I am not allowed to speak about it yet.
     Because Europe has become greatly weakened, as I just spoke about, if the U.S.S.R. were to make a big push, occupying all of Europe would be easy. The U.S.S.R. does not posses one iota of justice. Because of this, no matter how much the U.S. tries to urge on the Europeans, they will not budge. The U.S. is greatly troubled by this situation. And then there is the issue of the liberation of Taiwan, which England is very much against, but efforts will be made to try to contain the conflict to Asia and keep war from spreading to Europe. They are prepared to do anything to keep the peace. This situation will continue because England is in such a weak condition and the U.S.S.R. could very well set its sights on the British Isles. So there is no doubt that it is Stalinfs intention to prepare to do in Europe all at once when the right time comes. What he will aim for is the U.K. He is aiming to occupy the U.K. Therefore, if asked what is going to happen, I would say that Eisenhower will settle the Korea problem, but the interesting point here is that even if the Korea issue is settled, trying to settle the problem by not expanding the battle fronts is nonsense. In other words, to take care of North Korea, Red China has to be dealt with, so it is no good to try to only solve the problems in Korea. If Red China is to be dealt with, it means attacking all the territory of China. There is no way to not expand warfare and still deal with Red China at the same time. Therefore, England is entreating the U.S. not to expand warfare, whether because it has no self-respect or cannot see into the future but it truly pitiful that a nation as tremendous as England is reduced to such conditions. In order to deal with Red China, the U.S. will have to use quite a lot of resources, and even the U.S. will weaken to a certain extent, and that is what Stalin is aiming for. And at this stage, if Stalin were to attack Europe, the U.S. would not have the power, even if it wanted to, to help. Europe would somehow be dealt with by Stalin. Deep inside, that is Stalinfs aim. It is in this situation that Trumanfs strategy is to try to contain Red China, but for the U.S.S.R., all they have to do is leave the problem of human resources to Red China, of which they have plenty. The U.S.S.R. does not even have to use even one of their own soldiers and only has to provide weapons. Such a policy over a long time will cause the U.S. to steadily use up its resources, so the situation will never be settled, which would be Americafs loss, so Eisenhowerfs true goal is to try to settle the matter in one sweep. Therefore, the situation has to be settled all at once. Trumanfs policy till now will just not cut it. The American people will go numb as well, so everything has to be taken care of at once. If matters are taken care of at once, Europe will not participate, and that is Stalinfs aim, so the U.S. is facing quite a tremendous situation.
     What I have just stated is a general interpretation of the current situation, but when asked what will God do in these circumstances, it is as I always say, as the world approaches the coming construction of paradise on earth, in order for the impure aspects of the world to be cleansed, a big war between the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. must be conducted in which a great cleansing occurs. The great cleansing will begin from next year. It will be a tremendous period. Great cleansing means destruction, so the work of destruction will start in the world. And then, in World Messianity, construction will start. That the Messianic Hall will be completed is the first step of construction. As I always say, Hakone represents the spiritual world, so there is not much reverberation in the physical world. Atami is a prototype of the physical world, so the fact that the Messianic Hall will be completed means that in the pattern of creation and destruction, creation will now start. I have stated from before that destruction and creation will occur simultaneously, and that is how it will happen. And, when considered in terms in which I have just spoken, in other words, in terms of the administration of God, there will be a rather large war, many nations will suffer, and there will be tragic circumstances but these are all inevitable.
     What I have talked about now is conflict, but in the aspect of disease, purification will gradually grow more severe. In the most recent issue of Eikô, I ran the essay gThe Great Age of Terror Is Upon Ush where this aspect is mentioned. Therefore, from still another aspect of disease, purification will gradually become more severe, and, healing will gradually improve. In other words, Johrei will gradually become more efficacious, so medical sciencefs therapy of solidifying will gradually not be able to solidify. Two or three days ago there was a article about how penicillin is not as effective as it used to be. I will write an essay about this for the next Eikô. But this statement is also most peculiar. If penicillin is effective, and if it was effective ten years ago, it should be just as effective now. This is the kind of medicine that is losing its efficacy. The explanation from those in medical circles was that ggerms have become stronger, more resistant.h What was previously killed easily, does not die so readily nowadays, that is, it has become stronger. This is what is peculiar. It begs the question of how do germs become stronger in five or ten years. Therefore, that is why medical science does not understand that purification has gotten stronger. This is what is said about penicillin, but soon we will see such medicines as Aureaomycin, Terramycin, and PAS [para-aminosalicylic] also lose their efficacy. Losing efficacy means they will not be able to harden, to solidify the toxins. The strength to solidify is weakening. Therefore, medicines will not be able to solidify any more. This is because, the spirit of fire of the spiritual world is gradually increasing, and since the strength to dissolve is increasing, medicines will not be able to solidify. Since it is poisons that solidify, to cope, the amount of poison will be increased. When this occurs, it will come about that patients will simply keel over and die when a physician administers medicine or an injection. This will occur because the power to solidify will be stronger than the power to dissolve. This problem is tremendous. Japan will be the first to experience such an event. This is because the light from the east is emitted from Japan, so the spirit of fire will first become strong in Japan. This power to purify is strongest in Japan. When that happens, Johrei will be even more efficacious. You all here today understand this well, from last year to this year, from last month to this month, healings are happening more quickly. So, we just have to wait until physicians throw in the towel and give up. Therefore, I am publishing books and conducting various other activities as a preparation for this time. Even if we proclaim that gThis is the real thing!h, as it is now, we are only answered with gWhat are you talking about? You are speaking nonsense.h But very soon, it will be that no matter what doctors do, their ministrations do not go well, in fact, results will be the opposite, so the reaction will be, gIt seems as if World Messianityfs nonsensical theory was the real thing.h Therefore, the book I just talked about, The Book of Medical Science Revolution applies to this situation. Other books like this are, for example, next to be published is Spiritual Treatment for Tuberculosis. Tuberculosis is thoroughly covered in this book. Those suffering from tuberculosis are in the majority, so I think this book would be the best. The next book I am writing is God Works Miracles. This book wonft have so many of my essays. It has one hundred of the most miraculous testimonials that have appeared so far. Not only illness and disease, it has other remarkable miracles as well. In any case, I intend to publish miracles that will astonish. As this is accomplished, I will then publish books on how the world is going to change. When a branch is established in the U.S., I am thinking of publishing over there a periodical like Eikô. I intend to warn Americans about the world as it will be at that timec.mostly it will be conflict, about how such things will come about and how it will be. Therefore, I will not be able to direct work from here, but I can give hints on what to do. So, by giving hints, World Messianity will become tremendous. That is what I am planning. I have spoken on various topics today, but to put it briefly, things are getting interesting. From now on, divine economy will come to the surface. Until now, it has been in the shadows. In the shadows, there are various movements in the spiritual world. From now, movement will come to the physical world. Various changes will become visible to the eye. So, it will be very interesting, and it will be more encouraging. Just this year, only one month has passed, so there does not seem to be much, but as the time comes, we will become busier and we will be on the edge of our seats. But this time, it wonft be in a negative way but in a positive way, so in that sense, we can expect much.

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