Great Construction

Record of Oral Teachings, Issue 24
August 15, 1953

July 5, 1953

     Items in the ukiyoe exhibit are changed occasionally, and today is the start of the third change, so what is on exhibit today is entirely different than before. Look upon the exhibit today as an entirely new one. This time there are pieces borrowed from the national museum and also some that are owned by private collectors mixed with the churchfs pieces, but in any case, to get so many items together so quickly has been a miracle. What has been gathered together here of ukiyoe is said to be the best in Japan. These have all come together within a year. Last year at this time, we had hardly any of such pieces, so these were all gathered together in seven to eight months. It was in this regard that the spirit of Utamaro possessed me and expressed his joy. I will now have read what I wrote about this.
(Reading of essay, gMiracles in Collecting Art Objects,h Eikô, Issue 218, July 22, 1953)
     Now, in the spiritual world, there is a race to get art objects that the spirits made while on the physical plane into our hands. The individuals who actually bring these pieces, however, are quite greedy and want to make a lot of money. Since I donft pay high prices, the spirits are greatly anxious. I do not show an inclination to be particularly anxious about any piece and just send these people on their way, but as time passes they have to bring the prices down and we inevitably get these pieces. This is really fascinating. If they put the price a little too high for some piece of dubious value, they are certainly found out. Somebody will tell me. The negotiation proceeds as if I knew about the situation. Even if I like a piece and think the price high, if I am prone to buy the piece, there will certainly be someone who comes and tells me how much the piece went for previously when it was put on the market. The fact that the dealers want to get a big profit is exposed. So, by the time the piece comes into my hands, it comes at the true market price. I am not trying to avoid paying the market price and get pieces cheaply, but at the same time, any piece that is priced at a value wildly off the market price is probably a fake, so I do not purchase such pieces. When I do business in this way, matters go smoothly and pleasantly. There are various genre of art, but whether it be ukiyoe or whether it be foreign art, last year at this time I did not understand the market at all. I didnft just learn about the markets all of a sudden. It is just as I described above, it became such that I appeared to know these matters very well. So, it appears as if dealers and other persons related to the art world wondered how I had such an astute knowledge of art, but I didnft really. It is just that all of a sudden I came to be aware of the issues, and from somewhere I would get a hint, and I would go in that direction. To others I seem to appear as if I have studied art for many long years and have a keen eye. This aspect is quite interesting. Everyone has expensive pieces to sell, and gradually I have become particular about what I buy, so I do not purchase most of the pieces that are brought to me. I have made it a policy not to buy a piece unless it is of the utmost quality. When a piece of the highest quality does appear, it is always very expensive. I really do take care with money. I am looking for good pieces and I still take great pains with money, but it is not a negative, pessimistic outlook. It is a shriek of happiness. Whether it is money or other business matters, I truly believe I am handling matters excellently, if I do say so myself. I do not find myself at impasses, and whether it is paying off dealers or other matters, I do so without forcing, without suffering. So, as far as managing money is concerned, I really do have confidence in myself. That is because in the past whether with this or with that, I really did suffer about money and these experiences trained me well. I suffered heavily in debt for twenty years, which was a learning experience that helps me now. I think I was really trained well by God in financial as well as other matters. I have written about this experience.
(Reading of essay, gTwenty Years in Debt,h Eikô, Issue 217, July 15, 1953)
     This essay relates to money, but it is true for all matters. Even in healing, if your attitude is all too focused on only wanting to heal someone, healing will not go well. If you think you really want to help someone, matters can turn out opposite to expectations. It is as I always say, attachments do become obstacles.
     A little while ago, I said that for healing tuberculosis, channeling Johrei to the shoulders produced the best results but channeling to the shoulders is good not only for tuberculosis, but for diseases of the heart and such, the left shoulder will certainly be stiff. So, heart disease is an illness of the shoulders. As the hardness in the shoulders gradually dissolves, it goes downward and hardens in the area around the heart. So, for heart disease, channeling Johrei chiefly to the shoulders is good. Then again, individuals with diseases of the stomach will certainly have areas in the shoulder that are inflamed or puffy, so when Johrei is channeled to the shoulders, that the appetite will increase is for this reason. The only disease with no relation to the shoulders is palsy. Rather, many people with palsy have soft shoulders. People with soft shoulders are healthy, but the healthier the person, the more likely for palsy to occur. Palsy does not occur in individuals who have thinned down due to tuberculosis. Palsy occurs in those persons who are fit and have healthy-looking skin. Instead, individuals with palsy will certainly have hardness around the neck. This hardness will be either on the right or the left side. Now, for the back of the head, hardness will be either on the right or the left side. What happens is that toxins should be going downward, but instead they go upward and harden in upper areas. Toxins will solidify in these areas because of the way the physical body is used in the performance of that personfs occupation. Furthermore, if these toxins suddenly dissolve and go into the head, that is a stroke. Individuals with stiffness on the right side will lose use of the limbs on the left side. Only with palsy is hardness or stiffness not in the shoulders, but, as I just said, around the neck. There are very few individuals like this, and the most prevalent conditions are tuberculosis, diseases of the lungs, heart diseases, diseases of the intestines and the stomach, and dysentery which is epidemic right now. Dysentery, as I always teach, is the process of toxic blood in the back of the head that has dissolved and is seeking elimination through the anus. Therefore, when channeling to individuals with dysentery, in the beginning it is good to have them lower their heads and channel Johrei to the neck area. To the deepest part, this is the center of the human being, as the very center influences the whole physical body. Purify this area and then the shoulders. When you channel to the shoulders from the front, aim for the center, and when you channel from the backside, aim for the center area. Then, feel the area of the shoulders. Touching from even over the clothes is sufficient to perceive the condition, and for those with heavy stiffness or hardness, channel to their shoulders from above. When the shoulders have been softened, the toxins around the neck will dissolve, and you can dissolve them with further Johrei, and their condition will improve. When the arms or legs have a problem, the cause is the shoulders. So, when the person has a problem with their legs, the condition will improve when Johrei is channeled to the shoulders Now, with the head, there is a difference between the front part of the head and the back part of the head. The course is for toxins in the back part of the head to appear as dysentery and come out in hemorrhoids, but in this case what must be remembered is that when the shoulders receive Johrei, the chest will then become a problem. The chest will feel nauseated, either lightly or heavily. Once these toxins have been dissolved, they will gather in the intestines. Johrei should be channeled at this stage, but even if Johrei is not channeled, the toxins will go downward and there will be pain in the stomach. So, in all cases, Johrei should be channeled to the shoulders or to the neck, but then the chest will be affected and then there will be pain in the stomach. These are basic facts that should be known and remembered. I am asked why is it that the stomach hurts when there is a problem in the neck, and that is because what has dissolved has gone downward to the stomach and is eliminated as diarrhea. This goes for men, but in the case of women, these toxins may also be eliminated not as diarrhea but from the front. They may discharge as lencorrhea or through the membranes of the skin. As these times, the discharge may sting or be itchy. For me, it only comes out as diarrhea. Things will go smoothly if you remember these points. What I have just outlined is what usually happens, but depending on the individual, these toxins can remain in the back. This will affect the kidneys. Medicinal toxins first gather in the kidneys and it is the kidneys that process the medicinal toxins. However, only a little is discharged, and the rest of the toxins go to the shoulders where they harden. After they go to the shoulders and harden, there are times when they go to the back to solidify. It all depends upon the individualfs occupation. When the hands are used or when concentration is called for, the toxins harden in the shoulders. Individuals who practice agriculture bend over and squat a lot, and when the back is used, toxins gather there. The toxins that gather in the back gradually dissolve and flow to the legs, and thus the condition of the legs becomes worse. Beriberi is one of those bad conditions. Individuals who have lost use of the leg or legs that have become numb or paralyzed, or else those whose knees are wobbly\everything having to do with the legs\are caused by toxins that have collected in the back and have flowed down to the legs. So, when channeling for all conditions relating to the legs, first channel Johrei focusing on the center of the back, the tailbone from the backside of the individual. So, even if you donft channel Johrei directly to the legs, the legs will improve. Now, this has something to do with being out of breath. That is because individuals who have poor legs due to toxins in the back are easily fatigued when they have to walk or climb up slopes. They cannot do these things easily. They cannot do such things easily because they get out of breath. As the heart has to work so much harder expending that energy does influence the heart. Thus causing the gasping for breath. Gasping for breath is a condition in the lungs, where breathing in the lungs becomes more frequent. This is because the heart represents fire and the lungs, water, so when the heart works hard, the fire of the heart, heat, the power that activates the lungs, weakens. Thus, the functioning of the lungs worsens. That is the reasoning behind these conditions. Even doctors do not understand this reasoning. As they have published the results of research that covers only parts of this reasoning, science is truly infantile. What I have just talked about is only the broad outline, but when this broad outline is understood, and you interpret other conditions along these lines, you understand the basics so when channeling Johrei, it is easier.
     True for all matters and affairs, most essential is the vital point, the crux of the matter. When channeling Johrei as well, the vital point must be found. Discovering the vital point means that what I have just discussed about where to channel Johrei for what has indeed been understood, so it is extremely easy to discover where the vital points are. When you check your own health, as you touch and feel the places on your body where there is fever, that is where the toxins are, so when you touch and feel, if it feels cold, that is all right, but if there is fever, that is a vital point. Among the places where you will feel fever, if you press these places, there will be those places that are painful to the touch. There are some who will not feel pain at these places at all. This does not mean there is no one who does not have toxins and who does not feel pain. It means the toxins are solidified and that the purification process has not started yet. These situations, on the contrary, are rather more dangerous. When such people join the church, areas in which pain had not been felt when touched will start to feel painful, which means to that extent, purification activity has begun. But this kind of individual is extremely rare, and most people feel pain somewhere. Members can channel Johrei to these places themselves or have someone channel Johrei to them, and thus they will become healthy. Even when channeling Johrei to yourself, the first place to channel are the shoulders. There will be hardened areas of the shoulders and these are where you should focus the Johrei. Also, there may be some places with small hardened lumps, and you can channel Johrei to these places through the fingertip. As I always say though, you must not touch the body. Hold the two outside fingers like this, and channel the light through the middle finger. The light that comes from the middle finger at such times is very strong and it easily dissolves small lumps. So, with the physical body or in all matters and affairs, it is the vital point. There are many times, however, when we miss the vital point. This occurs not just with illness, but in everyday affairs, in regular conversations, and in spreading the faith, when people are confused about what to do, about whether to join the faith or not. If you say something that hits their vital point, they will say, gYes! I will join.h Finding this vital point is rather difficult, but it becomes easier to find the vital point as onefs level of awareness is raised. In all matters and affairs, the vital point must be utilized. When the vital point cannot be found, impatience and hastiness are to be avoided. Not finding the vital point means the time has not come yet, but every situation has various circumstances. So, if the matter is kept in the back of the mind, and the right time comes, the vital point can be discovered. In cases of illness, there are times when the fever does not go away, but once Johrei is channeled to the vital spot, the fever will go away. I am sure that many of you have had this experience, but discovering vital points are the most important things human beings can do in their lives. Politics, economics, and diplomacy of today are all off the vital point, so much stupidity is being done. I regularly read the newspapers and listen to the radio, and see how politicians attend all kinds of meetings and conferences every day, but in all of these instances leaders are missing the vital point. Big shots get together and consult, and they talk about everything but for the vital point. So, proposals that are good do not result. These are not stupid people. They are smart, but the cleverness is only on the surface. Inside is terrible, so they argue about matters on the outside, and there is no one who discusses the contents. They do not understand about the dot in the circle. Therefore, human beings should create in their heads, the brains, the intelligence that can discover the vital point. Faith is just such a training. World Messianity is the dot in the circle. Until now this has not been understood, but understanding the significance of the dot in the circle and making it the priority in salvation is a fundamental of World Messianity. It is wonderful to have the head, the brains that look at and deal with matters and affairs in this way. It is a difficult thing to accomplish, but it is good if you can get to the point where at least you can figure out someplace that is close to the vital point.

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