Great Construction

Record of Oral Teachings, Issue 29
January 15, 1954

December 15, 1953

     Something that I always teach is that nowadays what could be called gthe world,h in the world and particularly in Japan, is the condition that the amount of a sense of justice is indeed very small. It is to the extent where it would be fair to say that there are no individuals with a real sense of justice. Having said that, however, because a sense of justice is not something to be put out for all to see, it is something to be kept in the bottom of the heart. Displaying a sense of justice on the surface can lead rather to outcomes  opposite to the intended results, and that is one of the difficult aspects of having a sense of justice. I have attempted to write about these points in easy-to-understand terms, but this is a subject that is quite comprehensible but then again, hard to understand.
(Reading of essay, gThe Sense of Right and Wrong,h Eikō, Issue 240, December 23, 1953)
     As World Messianity gradually continues to grow, those who perceive the greatest threat are medical doctors and pharmacists. There is nothing serious at the moment, but it does seem that our progress is being marked. It does appear some sort of countermeasures are being planned. Of course, I know of what has been done so far, but as times goes by, I do want to let everyone know that depending on how the situation is viewed, this could be a great problem. But as God is certainly taking care of the situation, nothing is to be helped for it. Besides, this is not something I will deal with; God will deal with this, so c. Having said this, God does not make mistakesc the mistake is by the medical establishment, and I have written about this.
(Reading of essay, gWarning All Those in the Medical Professions,h Eikō, Issue 257, April 21, 1954)
     And then, on the subject of constructing a world of truth, virtue, and beauty, leaving aside truth and virtue, when I speak of beauty, that I am speaking of the art museum and the model paradises on earth is quite obvious. But there is an aspect to beauty that people are not aware of. This is not necessarily the world of beauty but what is in the inside of the hearts of people, the depths of their hearts and feelings. The internal organs of human beings must be made beautiful. First of all, every single human being, once you look beneath the skin, is full of bloody pus. If you compared the weight of the flesh and bones and that of the weight of bloody pus at present, for the major portion of the population, the weight of the bloody pus is greater. If you were to ask what is the most gross thing in the world, I believe it to be bloody pus. Bloody pus is grosser than excrement and urine. This account is ridiculously gross, but bloody pus is formed from medicines, drugs, pharmaceuticals. Bloody pus is the result of what has transformed from medicines. And it is because human beings today have ingested so much medicinal toxins that their bodies are crammed with toxic blood and bloody pus. So, what is grossest is the human being. It is only natural that various sorts of parasites would germinate from these toxins and pus. Ordinarily, parasites cannot breed within the physical bodies of human beings. So, even if one would like think oneself so nice and unsoiled, when it comes to onefs innards, they are grosser than a pile of excrement. So, when we talk about the world of beauty from the phrase, gtruth, virtue, beauty,h human beings have to be made beautiful from their very innards. Since their very insides are medicinal toxins, the start towards beauty must be made from medicinal toxins. And, because the insides of the body are gross, the thoughts of the person of that body also become gross, unwholesome. This is because spirit and body are one c Here, it has just been read that the lack of the sense of right and wrong is due to the same reason. So if people do not understand when we talk about God, there is no way they should be able to understand. So, as the grossness, the dirt is cleaned away, they suffer. Thus, when listeners just donft seem to believe, that they find it hard to understand, is because that grossness, that dirt is cloud, so cloud blocks understanding. At this point, when cleansing begins, and the cleansing activity is made to stop, what is used again is medicine, so just when the cleansing activity is stopped, something is ingested that also has to be cleansed. A good example of extreme foolishness. So, it is for this reason that beauty, the creation of beauty, must begin from the insides of the human being. Johrei works to create beauty. It makes nice that which is gross. The fact that there are truly few people in the world today who have nice hearts is not because of the heart, but because the body is gross, so it is through Johrei that true results can be obtained in the most fundamental way. Johrei is an activity that uses the human being to cleanse each individual. God had chosen this method. The spiritual world, moreover, will gradually become brighter. Becoming daylight means that the status of each human beingfs spiritual body will be completely purified. For this to happen, various kinds of diseases will occur. Therefore, for God, when diseases occur, human beings c followers of World Messianity will remove and discharge the impure matter, and heal them, so it is a cooperative work with God.
     Medicinal toxins, that is, bloody pus amounts to a lot. It is indeed a lot more than can ever be imagined. There is probably no one who will be able to eliminate it during their lifetimes. Even I channel Johrei to myself every day. This is the thirty-seventh year I have suffered from bad teeth. I didnft know about the harm from medicines at first, I learned about it later. It has been ten-odd years now that I have known and it is about ten years now that I have been channeling Johrei to myself. Nowadays, my teeth start to hurt all the time if I donft channel to myself. So, there is no way for medicinal toxins to be removed naturally. Catching a cold, eliminating diarrhea, or getting fevers once in a while will of course decrease the toxins by the amount eliminated, but that is only a little bit. When Johrei is administered many times, many hundreds of times, much can be removed. When an individual suffers from scabies and the entire body becomes encrusted, quite a bit of toxins may be removed. The toxins in scabies are the toxins of smallpox, that is, old toxins. That is, they are inherited from parents and that is what scabies purify. However, the toxins you have ingested after being born amount to quite a bit. When scabies is itchy, it is the toxins of smallpox, but when substances like black beans appear on the skin and it hurts, those are medicinal toxins. So, even with scabies, there are quite a bit of medicinal toxins mixed together. And, when a lot of toxins are removed through scabies, one is apt to feel that a lot of toxin has been eliminated, but there is still much more. The amount removed through scabies is only one part. Then again, the reason I channel Johrei to myself almost everyday is that I have medicinal toxins between my sides and back. A lot of medicinal toxins have been removed by now, but these toxins go back to the time long ago when I suffered from pleurisy. I was attending art school when my eyes lost vision and for two or three years I took medicines that contained Lugolfs solution which is made from marine plants. It was from that medicine that I came down with pleurisy and the pleurisy became pulmonary tuberculosis. Water was drained from the pleura and I took lots of medicine, but I took the most the one based on sodium potassium. This is a very weak medicine and there was no pain involved, but my chest was continually stiff. These days I hardly remember it, it was about fifty years ago. So, that I am channeling Johrei to myself everyday for toxins that I carry from thirty-seven to fifty years ago shows how frightening toxins are. Followers may think they have purified enough, so they donft have toxins anymore, but there are still more. You have felt that, havenft you? That is the way it is, so it is really a tremendous amount. How is this issue best understood? In terms of the human life span. Probably it is that one in ten thousand or one in a hundred thousand now lives until over the age of one hundred. Those considered to be long-lived are in their nineties. When the lengthening of the life span is discussed, it usually means to the sixties or seventies. In all cases these deaths are due to medicinal poisoning. If all medicinal toxins disappeared, people will certainly live to be over a hundred. This is clear since people die earlier the more they carry medicinal toxins. These days, however, it has come to be said that the life span has lengthened, but that is because there has been progress in devising ways to prevent the elimination of toxins. This gprogressh is what medical science calls antibiotics, and it is something entirely different from what has been used so far. But until now what has caused early deaths in relation to the life span has been Chinese herbal medicines. Recently people have stopped using Chinese herbal medicines and have started using Western medicines so the life span has lengthened. Before it was said that people in foreign countries lived longer than the Japanese but such a phenomenon was due to the fact that foreigners did not use Chinese herbal medicines. So, what shortens the life span is Chinese herbal medicines c and, it may sound strange for me to say so, but c the fact that recently the life span has lengthened is because Chinese herbal medicines are not used anymore and because the use of drugs in Western medicine has changed to antibiotics. Antibiotics have relatively no side effects and are effective in stopping the purification process.
     Such are the circumstances that it is good to know these facts when I say that the insides of human beings are gross. It is because of this that women say things like they have poor complexion, that their skin is rough, or that the color of their lips is bad, and they use various kinds of cosmetics and attempt to cover these problems up. If women did not use cosmetics, we wouldnft be able to look at them. I often see the faces of women who have not applied very much make-up. When you go to art exhibitions, there are quite a few women artists, and it seems as if they do not worry that much about their faces, as they donft use make-up. For that, they have gross faces. It is men who are rather more nice. I always go to exhibitions to look at paintings, but when I see the faces of young women, they are indeed gross. That is why cosmetics sell so well. Since they sell so well, lots of money is used on that such as advertising. It is for this reason that gross c since bloody pus is enclosed by the skin, there is no reason the skin should be clean. I always say, gPeople are not aware of it, but there is nothing to be grateful for as much as the skin. If we didnft have skin, we would be so gross, we would not look human. So, we should be thankful for the blessing of the skin,h which is something I say particularly to women. It is because of this that, if you do not want to be overwhelmed by beauty when you see a beautiful woman, think of what is inside. If you do so, then the fire of romantic love will cool a bit. But in those cases, since one should be looking for someone who mentally and emotionally is beautiful on the inside, that may be a good idea. Thus, you can see that human beings have rather a large amount of medicinal toxins, that bloody pus is transformed medicinal toxins, and that for a human being to be truly beautiful, the inside of the physical body must also be made nice. When the insides become beautiful\when the physical body becomes beautiful, the heart also becomes beautiful, and one becomes an individual who prefers beauty. Therefore, things like art museums are visited, or else, while looking at beautiful pieces one develops a certain taste and these all mean that the grossness has spiritually been reduced by that much. In other words, through the process by which the soul receives beauty, the soul is polished by that much. It is very necessary. God said so. That is, through enjoyment, the soul is made nice. This is purification. Therefore, the most fundamental of truth, virtue, beauty is to make beautiful the inside of the human body. As for method, the direct way is Johrei, and the indirect way is to listen to the teachings and let beauty enter through the eyes. So, it can be seen that what World Messianity is doing is the important element of truly constructing paradise on earth. There are hardly any other religions operating under this way of thinking. All they do are activities such as imbibing the founderfs teachings, ecstatically pursuing ascetic lives, calling out in loud voices, beating drums and such, and these are all better than nothing. It cannot be known what kind of evil acts or what kind of crimes those who do not perform such religious acts will do. If individuals acknowledge and are striving toward the gods or the buddhas, even if they perform some kind of foolish act, as long as their hearts are focused on the gods or the buddhas, there is no reason why they should commit a criminal act of extreme evil. Since we do not hear of the member of such-and-such church murdering someone, that is all right, but to really construct a good world, there is no other way than World Messianity. World Messianity, however, is feared and hated, and that is because those who have these sentiments possess a tremendous amount of impurities within their physical bodies. Cleansing is hard. This cleansing is hard because of the secondary spirit. This is because the secondary spirit on its own strives to do evil and seeks to forcibly halt any attempt to cleanse. Particularly spirits such as foxes and raccoon dogs will lose their places to exist, will shrink, and will not be able to function. What these spirits fear most is the light. It is the light of World Messianity that saves. But, on the other hand, onefs ancestors can improve their standing in the spiritual world when they are purified by the light, and thus they want to be saved. In the testimonials, we often read where the writers say things like their ancestors are in a joyous condition, or the ancestors want their descendents to be members, or that secondary spirits are interfering, so if this point is understood then the situation should be very clear. That the incidences of mental diseases are increasing greatly these days is because it has become easier for these animal spirits to function. Having become easier to function means that as the human spirit becomes clouded, these animal spirits can increase their power of activity. What happens here, in the case of bloody pus, is that when there is bloody pus, the cloud on the spirit is strong. The more the cloud, the easier it is for these animal spirits to work. So, those who make mistakes in thought or who commit crimes are in conditions where it is easy for secondary spirits, that is, animal spirits, to work. So, the fact that there are so many criminals and that, as I just mentioned, the amount of a sense of right or wrong is quite low, is because situation reflects the amount of cloud. The minimal amount of a sense of right and wrong is global. Everything is undertaken on the basis of temporary convenience, and that those who say that such-and-such is indeed right and try to carry it out are practically non-existent. Throughout the year in the newspapers and on the radio, each political party and all politicians make many kinds of statements, but in no case do they claim, gthis will really benefit the people,h or gthis will benefit everyone in general.h With a petty-minded way of thinking, they perfunctorily say that their party will become larger or that something is for the party. People who offer and understand policy that will benefit the entire nation are quite few. Such being the case shows quite well indeed that the spirit is clouded and the physical body, immersed in toxins.

Record of Oral Teachings, Issue 29, pages 19-27, January 15, 1954
translated by cynndd