Record of Oral Teachings, Issue 29
January 15, 1954

December 25, 1953

     We frequently hear of rapid and smooth recovery from illness on the occasions that Johrei is received for the first time. It is at these times that what has occurred must be explained adequately so that those involved understand. In an effort to make this process easily understandable, I have written an essay. It still needs a little polishing, but it is more or less finished.
(Reading of essay: gJohrei Is a Scientific Method,h Eikô, Issue 243, January 13, 1954)
     In other words, Johrei burns away the toxic particles that have polluted the spirit of water. The temperature at which Johrei incinerates is tremendous. The heat of the light that is radiated from the palm of the hand is so hot it cannot be measured by a thermometer, but it is the spirit of heat. When we say ghoth we are referring to the material, physical aspect of heat. The spirit of heat is not material, the warmth cannot be felt. Instead, the power of the heat is extraordinary, best thought of as infinite. Described in this way is the scientific explanation. Scientific, but not mechanical. This is science of the spirit. Humanity has until now not had experience with science of the spirit, so it may be difficult to understand, but the logic stands. This is because, the material sciences of today, including medical science, are all infantile and cannot explain many aspects of the world. Even the cause of disease, medical science in no way is able to clarify. Because, complete explanation is impossible, the interpretation of causes is distorted. Many such examples of these strained interpretations often appear in newspapers and journals, and because the interpretations are forced, they continually change. In the beginning stages, medicine A is said to work well, but with time, gradually reverse effects are reported to be observed. Antibiotics are said to be efficacious for tuberculosis, and indeed in the beginning stages, they are, but it is said that as they are ingested, the body develops a resistance to the antibiotics, and instead resistance of the tubercular germs grows stronger. Or, at least that is how it is being explained now. Medical science does not understand the fundamentals of disease, only aspects of the surface, and a big fuss is made as if it were a big deal when a particular medicinefs efficacy lasts half a year, but after two or three years, all medicines cease to work. The miracle drugs for tuberculosis that have so far been developed all turn out the same way. So, whenever a new medicine appears, I mockingly say that very soon it will not work. This is no big thing, it is only natural. Disease has been explained in materialistic terms but it has not been explained in scientific terms. That is why I say that medical science is not science. Since medical science calls our work non science and considers itself science, common wisdom at present has it more or less backwards. That is what civilization is at present. Those who nowadays consider themselves civilized boast of the advance of civilization, but it is indeed laughable. There is no reason why affairs or matters of any sort should proceed smoothly. Everyone struggles to keep head above water but only fails. In this sense, World Messianity is a form of higher education. In other words, there are still many underdeveloped human molecules in individuals, so World Messianityfs task is to help each person raise awareness and understanding. It is education. Since people will not believe unless they actually are shown something, we can bring them to belief through the demonstration of the miracles brought about by Johrei. Still, there are many who will not believe even though they actually see a miracle before them, so it can readily be appreciated how trapped people are in superstition. When a superstitious person sees something that is not superstition, they view it as superstitious. If the superstitions did not exist and people could understand, there would be no need for World Messianity. In order to make World Messianity prominent on a world-wide scale, what such superstitious people need iscor rather I should say, World Messianity is fundamental. I have written an essay without reference to faith that takes on atheism.
(Reading of essay: gAtheism,h Eikô, Issue 242, January 6, 1954)
     I have gone after atheists rather strongly, and since religion is held in such dislike, getting them to understand is quite difficult, so I have written the essay without referring to faith. Human beings are described as superior or inferior, and people who pay attention to matters such as faith have brains that are the upper levels. But for those who have no interest in understanding and awareness, who every day think only of whether they have made money or not, who are so anxious that all they can talk about is whether their matters are proceeding smoothly or not, in other words, to not be interested in the higher levels of thought or awareness means that their soul is on a low level. So, people who do think of such matters\individuals such as philosophers and thinkers\belong to the higher levels of human beings. Here, I am speaking about the level of the soul, the level of the spirit. There are one hundred and eighty levels for the spirit, and as the higher levels are reached, the range of activity is more advanced. Right in the middle is a line, a horizon if you will, that divides the lower from the upper levels. Individuals should try to get above this line. Above this line is the realm of God and below is the field of beasts. The world of animals. That is the way the world is, so even so-called ggreath people, if they are atheists, are below this line. They can approach this line, but they cannot cross it. Knowing God, knowing that God certainly exists means this line has been crossed. In this small difference the world completely changes. Below the line, no matter how great, no matter how much wisdom one has, it is bad wisdom. This wisdom works to accomplish negative affairs and matters. As you cross over the line and go upward, you think more or others, in all of your activities, you become as a true human being. As good, it is certain. You do not commit sin, so misfortune does not visit you, and you can obtain happiness. This is the point. Faith is not only teaching people to cross this line, but also to lead them to belief, gYes, this is it! There is certain!h Such is the fundamental of faith.
     Even after crossing the line, there are still various levels, but for most members of the public, the level of faith is low. Belief in Inari or incarnate deities or buddhas rank just above the line. Those who belong to something that goes under the name of a sect or a religion are much higher up. But even though the level is farther up, it is still not of the true, upper levels. When their level is still just above the line, it is easy to fall below the line. What happened with Reiyukai recently, is such an example. The organization is usually above the line, but something happens, they fall below the line, and they make mistakes. When thought of in these terms, it is not difficult at all, it is indeed easy to understand. On the very upper levels is World Messianity. That being so, the energy differs. Religions to date were not on these levels, because all religions were of the moon deity. They were religions for the world of night, so the deity of the moon controlled them and they lacked the light. At this time, the sun has appeared. So, the power I wield that heals disease is the power of the sun. As has just been read, the spirit of fire that burns away the toxic particles in the element of water is the power of the sun, which allows for the incineration of toxins. Until the present time, however, religion, indeed, all activity, has been of the lineage of the moon. Compared to the light of the sun, that of the moon is only one sixtieth, so power during the age of night was only one sixtieth. The light, now, however, will be sixty times the power as before, so even the average follower of World Messianity will be able to manifest wonderful power. Christ indeed, was of the highest level of the moon deities, but even so, only wielded the power of the moon. My followers are able to manifest the power of the sun, which in some cases may be only a little more than the power of the moon, but the activity it produces is decidedly different. The fact that miracles occur is because of this. The fact that that which occurs has not occurred before is because until now all has been the result of the power of the moon. What will happen now will be a result of the power of the sun, so there will be a great difference. Thus can be understood the fact that there are many miracles in World Messianity and that the healing of disease occurs with Johrei. It is not difficult to understand at all. That the deities of the sun did not appear until now, that they could not appear, is what is fundamental. But now, the sun has appeared. That is what we mean by the phrase gthe world of daylight.h
     The universe is based on this distinction. There is a distinction between night and day in everything. Whether by a year period, a ten-year period, a hundred-year period, a thousand-year period, or by a ten-thousand-year period, everything occurs at regular intervals. That it is becoming the world of daylight means that it is the three thousandth year. The universe is truly an infinity of secrets that cannot be expressed in language. Within the eternal is that which is small, that which is intermediate, and that which is large, and in the eternal, as large, intermediate, and small, there do occur changes. At this point, at the three thousandth year, it has become daylight, as one rotation is made in three thousand years. Three thousand years can be considered an eternity. Even if three thousand years is considered to be only a short term, it is still a lot longer than the life of a human being. In the period of three thousand years, there have been many births and deaths. Matters change that much during this period, so the change at this time will be tremendous, not since our ancestors. Therefore, to be born at this time and to be able to take part in this work is truly good fortune, happiness so great it was never experienced by our forbears. It is such a great change that even though we may try to explain to others, they will find it difficult to understand. Yet, though difficult to understand, if listened to with an open mind and considered carefully, it can be understood that yes, such a change could be possible. What I am talking about is neither philosophy nor religion but something new. It could be called something like religious philosophy. So, when this is understood, satori is attained, but to attain satori, what satori has been understood to be until now c has been hazily seen by people like Christ and Shakyamuni. That Shakyamuni taught that the gage in which Buddhist law disappears will comeh was because he understood to a certain extent. Christfs proclamation that the kingdom of heaven is at hand was also based on a certain level of understanding. The only thing they did not have was understanding about me. If they had understood about me, they should have been able to manifest more wonderful miracles, that is, exercise greater power. If pursued within the limits of the way of thinking that has developed so far, World Messianity would be very difficult to understand, but if a start at understanding can be obtained, an awareness of matters and affairs much greater than that of before markedly improves. This awareness occurs because the fundamentals have been understood, so while it seems to be very difficult, it is actually very simple. It is like when healing disease where a patient who completely befuddles and is abandoned by the doctors, comes to us and is healed. The logic is the same. But because the two levels are so far apart, ours is no easy task.
     Another topic. Two days ago, among the reports and testimonials that are sent to me, an interesting item appeared. It is the transcription of a dialogue between one of the office staff members and a Mr. Shiino who is involved in our construction. It will appear in the next issue of Eikô, [gVisiting Mr. Shiino at the Messianic Hall Construction Office,h Eikô, Issue 242, January 6, 1954]. The item surprised me as well. It concerns the height of the ceiling of the hall. A little while ago a doctor in engineering came and looked over the plans for the hall. He took his time and studied them carefully. What he found was that all the measurements, from top to bottom, were exactly as they should be. There was not one figure that was off in the least. He said that it would take experts about two months to put these figures and plans together. These are plans that I came up with in about five minutes. We put the measurements I produced into a model, and I thought it was just right. Thatfs how the height was set at so-and-so meters. These figures were nothing that I had to use my head and think about. Just looking at it, I was able to decide what the correct figures should be. For experts, this is a tremendous job. For the width of the pillars as well, the samples we had made at 85 centimeters in diameter seemed to be just right, and so I told them to make them so. And in this instance, the engineer said the width of the pillars fit the building perfectly. Probably he was considering such matters as weight and suchc.He said they were very surprising results. I think it is the same kind of logic as when a doctor who has done his best and cannot heal a patient finds the patient healed with Johrei just by waving a hand like this. Construction will slowly but steadily proceed. The name here will be Atami Paradise on Earth. That is my intention. We will have the Hakone Paradise on Earth, the Atami Paradise on Earth, the Kyoto Paradise on Earth, and so on, to where we have Paradises on Earth in all regions. I have named the glass structure at the top of the observation hill, the Crystal House. I have designed everything, from the height of the structure to the shape of the roof, which the construction staff will find daunting to build. For them it will be like piecing together a bunch of sticks. For example, with normal glass, the rays of the sun would hit the glass and make a glare and it would be difficult to see out, so I had the windows made out of plastic. With plastic, we will not have problems with the glare of the sunlight and it will be quite durable. People have asked about strong winds and I explained they would not be a problem. That is because the windows are rounded and the wind will pass around them. Also, I made the structure much larger than I had originally planned. That is because, I do believe many people will come to see the building and the view, so I made it a size that would fit about a hundred people at one time. When the Crystal House is completed, it will create a sensation throughout Japan.

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