“The Last Days,” June 17, 1949
Collection of Akemaro’s Recent Compositions,
November 30, 1949

  ふきすさむ 風をよそに天国を 夢に描きつわれはありけり

Putting the howling
Gales aside,
Continuing to
Depict the heaven
Of our dreams are we.

#1, page 83, S5-110B 
  九分九厘の 世を覆へす一厘の 力は如意の玉にぞありける
467   The one percent of
Power that overturns
The world of ninety-nine
Percent power
Is the jewel of Chintami.
#2, page 83, S5-110C

如意の珠 うち揮ひなば如何ならむ 悪魔といへど戦くなるらむ

468   Whatever kind of
Evil person there
May be in the world
All will shiver as I wield
The jewel of Cintamani.
#3, page 84, S5-110D
S6-130D 如意の玉 うち揮ひなば如何ならむ 人としいへど眼くらまむ In as set of poems titled “Untitled” in Gosanka Poems, Revised, #436, page 98, May 28, 1951; S6-14C 如意の珠 打揮ひなば如何ならむ 人としいへど眼くらまん In a set of poems composed for and recited at The Beginning of Spring Service, February 5, 1951, #15.
      S6-14C & S6-130D translation
Not one person / Will there be in / The world who / Does not see me wield / The jewel of Cintamani.

三千歳を 深く隠せし如意の珠 世に現はるる時となりぬる

469   Now has come the time
For the jewel of Chintami,
Which has been deeply
Hidden for three thousand
Years to appear in the world.
#4, page 84, S5-111A

神を力に 誠を杖につく人の などか怖れん赤き嵐も

470   Individuals who depend
On the strength of God and
Use the cane of love and sincerity
Fear nothing that may come along,
Not even the crimson storm.
#5, page 84, S5-111B  
(?) S4-386B 神を力に 誠の杖もて進む身は 世に怖るものなきを知りけり In a set of poems titled “Repentance” in Gosanka Poems, #248, May 1, 1948; (?) S6-63A 神を力に 誠の杖もて進む身は 世に怖るものなきを知りけり In a set of poems titled “Praising God” in Gosanka Poems, Revised, #116, page 27, May 28, 1951; previous translations, Gosanka—Poems of World Messianity, page 88A; Prayers and Gosanka, page 88A; Prayers and Poems, page 88A; Book of Gosanka, #137, page 35; translations based on non-Meishu- sama text 神の力に 誠ヲ杖に進む身は 世に怖るものなきを知りけり
   S4-386B & S6-63A translation
Learned have I that / Those who depend on God / Using the cane of / Love and sincerity have / Nothing to fear in the world.
   Gosanka—Poems of World Messianity translation
I have learned that those who rely on God completely / And live with an attitude of love / Having nothing to fear in the entire world.
   Prayers and Gosanka translation
I have learned that those / Who trust in God completely / And live every day / With an attitude of love / Have naught to fear on this earth.
   Prayers and Poems translation
I have learned that those / Who trust in God completely / And live every day / With an attitude of love / Have nothing to fear on this earth.
   Book of Gosanka translation
With God as my strength / With sincerity my cane, / Onward do I walk, / For I know there’s not a thing / In this world for me to fear. 

マルクスも レーニンとてもキリストの前に 鰭伏す時ぞ来ぬらむ

471   Will come indeed
The time when
Marx and Lenin
Prostrate themselves
Before Christ. 
#6, page 84, S5-111C

大神が 描く仕組の絵具なり 色とりどりの主義てうものは

472   The plan in which
The Almighty God
Paints are pigments.
That are what are
The varieties of isms.
#7, page 84, S5-111D

裁かるる 日の迫れるを知らずして 身欲に耽る人の危ふき

473   Perilous is the condition
Of those who only indulge
In their physical wants,
Not understanding about
The approach of the day to be judged.
#8, page 84, S5-111E 

いやはての 裁きの廷に打曳かれ 悔改むるともせんとべなけれ

474   For those pulled to
The court of final
Judgment, no matter
How much the repentance,
There will be no hope. 
#9, page 84, S5-112A

大いなる 裁きの次に来るもの そは輝ける地上天国

475   What comes next
After the great
Judgment, that is
The brilliantly shining
Paradise on earth.
#10, page 85, S5-112B

天国の 夢はいつしか正夢と なりて今しも現れなむとする

476   Before realizing it,
The dream of paradise
On earth becomes
Real, even now
It starts to appear.
#11, page 85, S5-112C

生くる人 滅ぶる人を立別くる 裁きの日こそ世の最後なり

477 The day of judgment that
Distinguishes those who live from
Those who perish
Will be the very end
Of our present civilization.
#12, page 85, S5-112D

世の終り 空事なりとみし人の あはてふためく時ぞ近みぬ

478 Approaching is the time,
At the end of the world,
Where those known to
Tell empty words, falsehoods,
Will quake in fear.
#13, page 85, S5-112E

仏滅と いうも最後の日というも 世の切替の秋をいうなり

479 What is called the
End of the Buddhism and
What is called the last day
Are both the time of
The world transition.
#14, page 85, S5-113A

善き人は 喜び悪しき人悔む 審判の日は迫り来ぬらし

480 Good people rejoice,
Bad people lament;
The day of
Bears down. 
#15, page 85, S5-113B