Poems Chijôtengoku, Issue 13
February 20, 1950

    ただならぬ 世を外にして私の 為に争ふあわれ党人

How pitiful the
Partisans who
Quarrel in my name,
Putting aside aid for those
Suffering in this world.

S5-135A, page 1, #1.
How wretched the
Factionalists who cause conflicts
Because of personal affairs,
Neglecting the world that is
Now in a very serious situation.
Mar.3.2010 by taki
    人の上に 立つ身を忘れいささかの 私事にも争ふみにくさ
78   How unattractive,
Indecent those
Leaders of the world who
Fight over issues of
Personal concern. 
S5-135B, page 1, #2.

ガラス瓶の 中の嵐を防ぎ得で など世の嵐防ぎ得べしや

79   How can those who
Cannot even prevent
A tempest in a teacup
Help to overcome the
Tempests sweeping the world?
S5-135C, page 1, #3.

神知らぬ 人なればこそ政事 思ふに委せぬ事ども多かり

80   In many instances
Those who do not
Know God cannot be
Entrusted with running
Government affairs.
S5-136A, page 1, #4.

魂の 抜けたる故と思ふなり 神知らぬ人々うち見る毎に

81   Mentally and spiritually
Prostrate are what
I think each time I
See individuals
Who do not know God.
S5-136B, page 1, #5.

争ひ事 恥と思はぬ心こそ いとも卑しき人なればなり

82   Mean-spirited, ignoble
The persons are who have
No shame, who are
Not embarrassed by
The quarrelling they produce.
S5-136C, page 1, #6.
It is precisely because   
They are low-minded that
People have a nerve
Not in the least to
Be ashamed of squabbling.
Feb.19.2010 by taki