Poems in Chijôtengoku, Issue 25
June 25, 1951

  幸はひの 伴ふ由なき文明は 人の造りしものなればなり

That does not
Include happiness
Is that fashioned
Only by human beings.

Page 2, S6-141A; previous translations, Prayers and Gosanka, page 50C; Prayers and Poems, page 50C; Book of Gosanka, page 75, #297.
Alternate translation
The civilization that does / Not bring happiness / Is that / Fashioned by / Human beings alone.
Prayers and Gosanka translation
Civilization / Does not bring man happiness, / Because today’s world / Is a civilization / Which man has made for himself.
Prayers and Poems translation
Civilization / Does not bring happiness, / Because today’s world / Is a civilization / Which people have made for themselves.
Book of Gosanka translation
Indeed no effect / Of happiness can be found / In the world of man, / For man’s civilization / Is fashioned by man himself.
    万人の 幸福こそは神教ゆ 文明にして叶ふなりける
135   The happiness
Of millions
Is based
On the civilization
Taught by God.
Page 2, S6-141B.
Alternate translation
The happiness of millions / Is that which is in line / With the / Civilization / Taught by God.
Alternate translation
The happiness / Of all follows / The civilization / Indicated / By God.

億兆の 幸福生まむ文明を 造る吾はも神のまにまに

136   In accordance am I
With God to build
The civilization
That will give birth
To the happiness of millions.
Page 2, S6-141C.
Alternate translation
I am in accordance / With God to build / The civilization / That will give birth / To the happiness of millions.
Alternate translation
I only act / In accordance / With God to construct / The civilization / That will make millions happy.

世の人よ 驚く勿れ凡人に なりてぞ大き神業すらむも

137   People of the world!
Don’t be surprised!
God’s great task
Will be performed
By ordinary persons.
Page 2, S6-142A.

夢にだも 思ほへぬばかりの奇しき業 行ふ吾に誰も打ち伏さむ

138   All will bow down
In respect at
The amazing tasks I 
Perform which are not
Imaginable even in dreams.
Page 2, S6-142B.

人の世の 終りといふは神の世の 始む芽出度き時にぞありける

139   The end of the world
Centered on human
Beings is the joyous
Occasion that begins
The world of God.  
Page 3, S6-142C.
What we call
The end of human world
Is, in reality, a
Happy moment when
The divine world begins.
Jul.5.2009 by taki
    人にして 人にしあらで神にして 神にしあらじな我身思へば
140 A human being yet
Not a human being;
God yet not God
Is how I think
Of myself.
Page 3; S6-142D; previous translations in Prayers and Gosanka, page 22A; Prayers and Poems, page 22A; Sounds of the Dawn, Volume I, pages 20 & 113, #32.
Considering myself,
I cannot help concluding that I,
Who am a human being,
Am not human all the same;
I am a divine being, still not the Divinity
Jun.28.2009 by taki
Prayers and Gosanka & SDI translation
I feel very strange / When I think about myself, / For I am a man, / Yet not a man, since I am / Used as God’s own instrument.
Prayers and Poems translation
I feel very strange / When I think about myself, / For I am a man, yet not a man, / Since I am used / As God’s own instrument.
    人の世の 初まりてより未だ見ぬ 人にしあるを吾は知りける
141   A human being
Not seen since the
Beginning of the world is
What I, Mokichi Okada,
Know I am. 
Page 3, S6-142E.
不思議なる 吾が運命と思ふなり 神の御恵み目にうつる毎
142 Intriguing do I
Think my fate
Every time I
Encounter the
Blessings of God.
Page 3, S6-143A.
大神の 知らしめ給ふ経綸を そのまま語れば喜びふるへん
143 How I tremble with
Joy when I relate
Simply as it is, the
Plan revealed to
Me by God. 
Page 3, S6-143B.
長き世の 闇に蠢めく人々を 光明世界に導く吾かも
144 Those who have been
Squirming many long
Ages in this dark world,
I, Mokichi Okada, guide
To the age of divine light.
Page 3, S6-143C.