Poems in Chijôtengoku, Issue 30
November 25, 1951

  何となく 春来にけらし心地すも 温もり覚ゆる我むねぬちに

I feel warmth in
My breast the
Promise of spring
In the air.

#1, page 2, S6-159A
    見真実の 眼に映る諸々は 逆しら道にあるぞうたてき
212   All that comes to the eyes
Of one on the level of the
Highest truth is
Completely opposite to
The world today. 
#2, page 2, S6-159B

正信を 迷信と見ゆ今の世の 物識達の盲のまなこ

213   The materially-oriented
Learned classes of the world
Nowadays who look upon
Superstition to be the truth are
Blind in their eyes. 
#3, page 2, S6-159B-C [SS617E]
Alternate translation
The learned class / Of the world now / Who see superstition / To be the truth / Are blind in their eyes.

浄玻璃の 鏡に写る現し世の 状の醜さ知る人ぞなき

214   None are there that
Perceive the terrible
Conditions of the present
World as it reflects in
The mirror of pure crystal.
#4, page 2, S6-159C

いと深き 神の御業は見へざらめ 聞へざらめや盲聾に

215   God’s profound
Workings cannot be
Known to the blind who
Will not see and the deaf
Who will not hear.
#5, page 2, S6-159C-D [SS617G]

BCGの 争いをかし我眼には 童らいさかふ状に似たるも

216   How ridiculous to
My eyes, the controversy
Over BCG,
Just like when children
Fight among themselves.
#6, page 2, S6-159D
    今の世に いと恐ろしきものとふは 毒を薬と思ふ迷信
217 In the present world
What can be called truly
Terrifying is the
Superstition that takes
Poison to be medicine.
#7, page 3, S6-160A
What is truly said
To be terribly fearful
In the present world
Is the superstition that
Takes poisons for medicines.
Nov.7.2009 by taki
    尊きは 人の命なりされどされど 知らで薬もて縮むる愚かさ
218   Precious is the life of a
Human being, and yet,
Not knowing, foolish are
Those who shorten
Their lives with medicines.
#8, page 3, S6-160B
いのち程 尊きものは世にあらじ そを蝕むは薬なりける
219 Nothing is as precious
In this world as life;
What gnaws away
And destroys it are
Drugs and medicines.
#9, page 3; S6-160C
如何ならむ 薬といえど毒ならぬ ものぞなきなり心せよかし
220 Keep in mind
Whatever medicines
There may be,
What is called
Medicine is still poison.
#10, page 3, S6-160D
薬とふ 薬悉残りなく 海へ棄てなば病む人消えなむ
221 Were that each and every 
Medicine and drug all
Thrown into the oceans,
People afflicted with disease
Would vanish.
#11, page 3, S6-160E
麗しく 尊き人の体魂に 傷つくる手術ぞ神は嘆かむ
222 God does grieve
Over the surgical operations
That maim and disfigure
The beautiful and precious
Body of soul of human beings.
#12, page 3, S6-161A