Poems in Kôyu, January 9, 1946

  病気なく 貧なく争なき御代を 作らんとするわが願ひかな

My desire is to
Form a world
Where there is no
Conflict, no poverty, and
No illness.

    物足らぬ 国の源温ぬれば 人の誠の足らぬなりけり
2   A nation lacks in
Material things because
Its people
Lack in
Love and sincerity.
Alternative translation
The answer to the / Question of why a / Nation lacks in material / Things is that its people / Lack in love and sincerity.

災ひの その悉は己が手に 作りておのが苦しむなりけり

3   Calamities are
All made by  
Your own hands;
You are the
One who suffers.