Poems in Eikô, Issue 242
January 6, 1954

  不安なる 雲に包まれ力みゐる 無神論者のいと哀れなる

How pathetic are
Those atheists
So bewitched by power,
Enveloped in clouds
Of unease and anxiety.

#1, S6-422A
    幼稚園 程度の医学に生命を 委ねる危ふさ人知らぬなり
 20   People do not realize
How dangerous it is to
Entrust life to a
Medical science
Of the level of the nursery. 
#2, S6-422B

健康を 補ふ薬が健康を 蝕むものと知らぬ愚かさ

 21   The foolishness
That does not know that
The medicines that
Support health
Undermine health.
#3, S6-422C