Poems in Eikô, Issue 243
January 13, 1954

  新しき 衣を纏う旧人の 如何に沢なる文明の世や

Such a world
In which so many
Civilizations are
Simply the same old
People in new clothes! 

#1, S6-423A 
    釈尊の 唱えし空なるこの娑婆に 実を入るる吾にありける
 23   Into this world of dust
That Shakyamuni proclaimed
Was Void, it is I,
Mokichi Okada,
Who have inserted the seed.
#2, S6-423B

大神の 御眼より見れば人間は 蟻より小さきものとこそ知れ

 24   Know that as
Seen from the
Eyes of God, human
Beings are objects
Smaller than ants.
#3, S6-423C
S6-352C 大神の 御目より見れば人間は 黴菌よりもなほ小さからん In a set of untitled poems in Chijôtengoku, Issue 51, #7, page 3, August 25, 1953.
S6-352C translation
Viewed from the / Eyes of Almighty God, / Human beings are so / Much more infinitesimal / Than germs.