Poems in Eikô, Issue 255
April 7, 1954

  霊界が 明るむにつれ危きは 薬毒に浸る命なりける

As the spiritual world
Grave is
Life that has been
Drenched in medicinal toxins.

    薬とう 毒を求めて病を 作る盲のなど多き世や
 92   Indeed it is a world
Of many blind who
Make disease with the
Poison they think
Is medicine.
S6-454A-B [SS715B]. 

薬毒を 消す神薬を人問へば 吾浄霊の業と答へん

 93   When someone asks
About a divine medicine
That will eliminate
Pharmaceutical toxins,
I reply, “It is my art of Johrei.”