Poems in Eikô, Issue 258
May 26, 1954

  現当利益 なき宗教の如何にして 一切衆生救い得べしや

How can a religion
Without material
Blessings save
All sentient
Beings in creation?

No variants, S6-457A.
    文明の 衣の袖に隠されし 野蛮の牙を吾は抜くなり
 101   Hidden in the sleeves
Of the robes of
Civilization are the
Fangs of barbarism
I extract. 
No variants, S6-457B. 

野蛮医学の 証は尊き人の身の 生肌断ちの業にぞありける

 102   The proof for the barbaric
Nature of medical science
Lies in its techniques for
Cutting the flesh of human
Beings who are so precious.
No variants, S6-457C.