Christian Science and World Messianity

     Mrs. Mary Baker Eddy, who was born in Bow near the City of Concord, New Hampshire, U.S.A., in 1822, publicly announced her discovery of Christian Science in 1866. Before this, Mrs. Eddy had long suffered from illness, medical science had not been able to help her, and she had spent her days in despondence. One day, however, Mrs. Eddy realized that the cause of all disease is in the mind. Upon this realization, the illness that had been incurable was gone. Mrs. Eddyfs recovery was quite unexpected, and it is said that her doctor and all those around her considered it nothing less than a miracle.
     After her discovery, Mrs. Eddy quietly pursued her study of that truth and used the Bible as a guide to illuminate her new thought. As a result, she firmly came to believe that healing was a natural function bestowed by God and declared that using the activity of the mind could heal all illnesses. In 1879, she organized the First Church of Christ, Scientist. The church proudly publishes a newspaper that contains the churchfs name and has many members in the United States and Europe.
     The basis of Mrs. Eddyfs doctrine are the principles that the original essence of the Bible and of human beings is spiritual in nature, that Godfs spirit is love and good, and that moral and physical evil violates that spirit which demonstrates the lack of the true spirit of Jesus Christ. According to the principles of Mrs. Eddy, the universe has only one spirit, one God, only one Christ, and there is nothing that exists outside the spirit. Materiality and sickness are all subjective conditions of fallacy and illusion, and that with one God, Christ, that is, Christian Science, these conditions can be eliminated. Indeed, Jesus used this method to heal the sick. Healing is only natural; it is not a miracle. This same healing activity is said to have been promised to Christ and all those who follow him.
     Mrs. Eddyfs declaration that to heal the mind was to heal disease brought her many followers, and that success can be seen today all over the world.
     The Church of World Messianity is no different from Christian Science in that it recognizes one Lord of all the universe and that this Lord is love and good. In addition to the lord of all creation, World Messianity also recognizes many other divinities who participate in the Lordfs plan, and even Christian Science does not deny the existence of the angels as they appear in the Bible. Christian Science also teaches about the one and only Christ, and because we also teach about the Messiah, the two religions have areas in common on this point as well. For World Messianity, however, spirit is dominant and material is subordinate, and unlike Christian Science that says it only recognizes the existence of spirit, we do not deny all the phenomenon that can be perceived with the five senses. In Japan as well, Christian Science teaches that there is no existence other than spirit and that the phenomenon that is reflected by the five senses is all a shadow of the spirit. But one can not help saying that it is too much of a leap to suggest that that material world which undeniably exists is simply a shadow.
     In World Messianity, spirit is primary, and substance, that is, the physical, is subordinate, so we teach that through purification of the spirit, the health of the physical body can be maintained, and because disease is due to the clouds on the spirit, we hold that through the purification of the spirit, physical afflictions are healed. We are also demonstrating that healing in practice. This is truly what Mrs. Eddy called a natural law established by God, and I judge that this is also the same as that which Meishu-sama teaches as divine will.
     We can read many places in the Jikan Library Series where Meishu-sama teaches that all evil originates in not accepting the love of God, the Good of God, in not accepting the sincerity of truth, virtue, beauty, and not accepting Godfs will.
    Meishu-sama is working very hard to teach Godfs will and about Godfs presence which is embodied in truth, virtue, and beauty. His work is also a natural expression full of confidence that it is commanded by God. Members of World Messianity recognize and respect Meishu-samafs noble mission and the fullness of his pure spirit. There is no difference between praying to God through Meishu-sama and what members of Christian Science do as they pursue the pure spirit of Jesus Christ, become aware of their own spiritual defects, and pray to God for their completion through Christ.

By SM Sei, non de plume of Matsui Sei,  Eikô, Issue 82, page 1, December 13, 1950
translated by cynndd

*  Matsui Sei wrote many articles, especially relating to religion, Buddhism, Christianity, and philosophy, that appeared in the churchfs periodicals. This article has been translated and presented as a historical document and has not been adjusted for factual or interpretative errors.