Great Construction

Opening Remarks: Art, Be Pure!

     That art must above all be pure and truthful is something everyone does know, but factors such as status and environment mean that such is not always the case. What always strikes me when I read the works of the luminaries of contemporary poetry circles is maintaining dignity, I sense that intent when reading their works. Their deliberate inclusion of phrases which are hard to understand and their bending of the meaning of the words beyond necessity are repugnant. Due to such characteristics, the significance of the poem blurs, nothing is conveyed, and arduous effort is required for readers to grasp the gist of the poem. I feel as if I am viewing the painting of one of the self-satisfied Futurists. My constant yearning is to come into contact with works that we have turned into art through the intellect and sensibility which responds still more simply, purely, and naturally to the world around us.

Pine Breeze, Volume 2, Issue 2, February 1933
 translation by cynndd