Great Construction

Opening Remarks: Composing Poetry

     I believe that there are roughly two ways to go about composing poetry.
     The first could be said to be an artistic wisdom that adroitly grasps the uniqueness of images, a kind of wit or resourcefulness in interpreting matters. This kind of poet views from the side images that are usually observed from the front, attempting to grasp different aspects from the inside. This process could be called a form of backlighting. Theme or subject is secondary. The other way of composing poetry is to form a poem in the conviction that daily occurrences, matters and affairs which are encountered in the normal, average day can be the subject of an ultimately celebrated poem. I believe that both approaches go to extremes and are not what is real. In other words, I think the best attitude is to apply oneself to improving aspects that one may lack from both these outlooks.

Pine Breeze, Volume 2, Issue 4, April 1933
 translation by cynndd