Great Construction

The Path of One’s Innateness

     When there is faith in Kannon, not only does sickness, poverty, and conflict disappear from the believer’s life, the believer also receives a great benefit. That benefit is learning the true path for a human being.
     All classes, all professions, all seniors, all youth, all men, all women each have the path of their own innateness that has been determined by heaven. For example, the people of a nation have a path of loyalty to their sovereign; children have a path of filial piety to their parents; parents have a path to their children, husbands to wives, wives to husbands, matters each of them all have to do themselves, tasks they should perform. All these have been expressly designated by heaven. Nowadays the traces of these obvious, self-evident paths have become invisible, but with Kannon faith, they will be clearly known and understood.
     Along with clearly understanding these paths, even when they are not forced, the believer follows them naturally. Without one bit of self-denial, the believer proceeds pleasantly forward, doing what must be done.
     Indeed, the power of the individual’s path is profound and mysterious. In whatever profession, whether the businessman, the government official, the soldier or the sailor, the individual involved in religion, or the artist, each performs in accord with the heaven-sent profession. As long as performance is in accord with the heaven-sent profession, there is no failure or suffering, and the individual will certainly succeed and prosper. Whether with the court or the police, there will be no trouble. Even in the case of a cabinet minister, he is not going to be sent to the Ichigaya resort.
     In spite of the fact that there is a way that people should act, whether as a cabinet minister or as a politician, when these limits are crossed, matters involving suffering become possible. The suffering that accompanies committing crimes, fighting, getting into trouble with the law, piling up debt, and so forth.
     To speak about why human beings veer from their heaven-sent, heaven-designated path, the sphere that has been designated for them, human beings have been given a main spirit from God, that is, a good spirit, and a secondary spirit that is evil, an animal spirit. Both of these spirits indwell within the human being and are constantly in conflict. Therefore, when the secondary spirit wins, the effects appear as evil deeds, and when the primary spirit is victorious, good deeds.
     But, unexpectedly and surprisingly, it is precisely because these two spirits are constantly in conflict that harmony is maintained, and various kinds of tasks can be accomplished. It is just like driving an automobile: as the steering wheel can be turned either to the left or the right, the car can freely run on any kind of road.
     In whatever circumstances, however, it is the fundamental rule that the primary spirit wins. Such is the way human beings should be. If the secondary spirit prevails, though, the human being becomes evil, it strays from that path and does evil, boundaries are crossed and suffering comes about. Because of this situation, and because the secondary spirit is evil, it is always working diligently to get the human being to go off the path.
     However, when the light of Kannon is applied, the secondary spirit weakens—to the extent that the secondary spirit weakens, the primary spirit grows in strength. Because the judgment of the primary spirit is true judgment, whatever is attempted will go smoothly, without any mistake.
     The most interesting effect is that when persons who like alcohol start visiting me often, they come to dislike drinking. That is because the master who makes people drink alcohol is the secondary spirit, so when the Kannon Light is radiated from my body, the secondary spirit weakens. The primary spirit dislikes alcohol, so individuals come to find alcohol unappetizing.
     Because such phenomena occurs, human beings change to a good direction as they pray to Kannon. In the world until today, most human enjoyments have been the enjoyment of evil. The amount of enjoyment that is inherently evil seems to be rather great.
     That is because the secondary spirit has been winning. However, as the primary spirit starts to prevail, enjoying good, doing good becomes interesting.
     When the attraction of doing good comes to be known, it is intriguing that the evil once enjoyed seems so tiresome. Those who have come to understand that the enjoyment of good is so many times better than the enjoyment of evil are those who have been truly saved. Furthermore, the more one continues to enjoy good, therein lies the development of good health and fortune. There is success.

“The Construction of a World of Great Divine Light,” World of Divine Light, Issue 3, May 21, 1935
    translated by cynndd