Great Construction

The Last Judgment

     The power of Kannon, that is, the light from the East, will hereafter gradually expand. As expansion continues, the world will, not by human agency, change naturally. This change is that in all aspects that which is mistaken, that which belongs to evil, will become impossible to carry out.
     All confusion will be stopped, everything out of order will be righted, and all persons and substance will return to their actual, natural states. For example, in the case of politics, if a political party is mistaken and its existence does more harm than good, it will by one way or another disappear. But, if it becomes aware of its mistakes and returns to its original, true purpose, and from the viewpoint of society in general comes to have beneficial existence, it will come about that it need not disappear.
     Just to add to this point here, whether in legislative politics or in party politics, their physical institutions, through study and research over the long period of time have resulted from much polishing and reworking, so they are well-formed. But, the hearts of those who run and operate them are mistaken so even the body of a well-formed organization will appear incomplete. Thus, we treat form secondarily, and the reconstruction of the human heart is placed first in importance. The reconstruction of the human heart cannot be accomplished by a legislative institution. I do believe reconstruction of the human heart must be a project for those involved with religion.
     Therefore, it is indeed regrettable that religionists of today have absolutely no concern about aspects of this undertaking. This is another area in which from now on, things and matters through the light of Kannon will be change.
     Another issue is that all has been in confusion and disarray until the present, so there are many instances where an individual’s qualifications do not match their positions. This situation will also be corrected, as for example in the case of an individual at the level of bureau manager who did not obtain his position by just means, and even if he has risen to the rank of cabinet minister, his position will lessen, and the person who should be and has the qualifications to be cabinet minister will, without any movement or activity in the background, become so.
     In the case of religion as well, if fraud or mistaken practices are maintained, the religions will be swept away. Those that realize their mistakes, correct their evils, and return to good will once again grow and prosper.
     Even if the evil to date dare not be judged from the side of human beings, it will be judged. This judgment is the great appearance of the power of Kannon. So, if all is left to Kannon, as I just said, evil will naturally disappear.
     In the past hundreds, thousands of years until the present, there have been many mistaken things, but they will not be forgiven this time.
     The conflict between good and evil will be resolved. For example, on a global scale, England has freely controlled colonies like India and such, but from now, it will be only natural that each nation shall return to its inherent self, either gaining independence or being able to control its own affairs. Nay, rather in those cases, it will probably be that the controlling nations will apologize for their crimes and pay appropriate amounts of reparations. In cases like India, wealth in the billions has been taken out of the country, so I think that the English will not be forgiven unless they return it.
     Japan has the mission to unify the whole world, and the emperor of Japan will play the center role in that unification. This will be for the great peace of the whole world, but because of individual fragmentation, conflict never ceases, so it is only natural that all should be unified from the center. In such a way will the settlement of all accounts, the great global liquidation, be carried out. This liquidation is the liquidation of all from the past nine thousand years. On a separate occasion, I would like to discuss the topic of this liquidation. But as a result of the liquidation, all in creation will come to its proper time, place, and occasion, and when all has been corrected to its main nature, it will be the age of Five-Six-Seven (Mi-ro-ku), the world of great divine light.
     From then on it will be eternal peace and become the paradise on earth for peace and pleasure of all peoples.
     I have spoken in sweeping terms of the future, but this is not human thinking nor something I have come up with on the spur of the moment. In the long-ago age of the gods, the Creator had already decided on this course, and now very soon it will come about. It has become the time, and the project cannot be interfered with nor stopped. Therefore, there is nothing but to discard evil and return to good as soon as possible.
     As for the greater aspects of the power of Kannon, I will speak on another occasion, but to talk just a little about its lesser aspects, here is a statue of Daikokuten, the deity Shiva, known in Japan as the god of wealth and prosperity, and it had been decided that the statue would come here on December 31 last year. Mr. Yamada who had enshrined the statue did not want to let it go, and even if many a multimillionaire said they would pay thousands for it, the statue was supposed to come here.
     This is the absolute power under which the change is being undertaken, so there is nothing that human power can do about it. Therefore, one should become a member of the organization of divine light as soon as possible. To participate in the great project of the construction of a world of great divine light is work of great meaning to life, something that does not come along for thousands of years. Therefore, because those on the side of the devil cannot stand this situation, they try to their utmost to obstruct and hinder us.
     Conspiracies such as those of the Freemasons cannot be left unwatched. I am working to inform all that, at the very end, the Freemasons will mend their thinking and their ways, and cooperate in the construction of a world of divine light.
     I am looking forward to the formation of such a world as soon as possible. (Jinsai)

World of Divine Light, Issue 3, May 21, 1935
    translated by cynndd