Great Construction

Principles and Aims of the Okada-Style Spiritual Finger-Pressure Therapy

     The creation of this therapy has sprung from Lord God’s purpose to completely eliminate disease and sickness, humanity’s greatest suffering, and to accomplish that purpose through the spiritual body of the manifesting buddha Regarder of Cries, utilizes the physical body of Jinsai to exercise exceptional power on the basis of man and the divine united in one.
     I, who have been bestowed this great task by divine order, have spent the past seven years dealing with sick people of every possible disease, investigating and training, and during this period, as a result of having received various revelations from Regarder of the Cries of the World, have learned that medical science as practiced to date is for the most part an illusion, a delusion that does not cure, so here under the new name of Japanese Medicine, is begun the aspect of the great economy for the fundamental salvation of humanity.
     All who have received my permission to use this therapy may through their spiritual bodies manifest the power of Regarder of Cries and present astonishing curative capability.

Lectures in Japanese Medicine, Volume 1, 1935
translated by cynndd

         *            *            *

“Shushi, Okada-shiki Shiatsu Ryōhō no Genri to Sono Mokuteki,” the second chapter of Nihon Ijutsu Kōgiroku, Dai-ippen (Lectures on Japanese Medicine, Volume 1) has appeared in translation. Citation is given below for reference. Lectures in Japanese Medicine, Volume 1 (Nihon Ijutsu Kōgiroku, Dai-ippen) was compiled and distributed in mimeographed form in 1935. Although “Dai-ippen” is included in the title where it has been anthologized, there are no subsequent volumes.

The Light from the East, Volume 1, 1983, pages 229-30. Complete essay is quoted and embedded within the text of the book, Meishu-sama’s biography.