Great Construction

One, Comparison with Other Finger-Pressure Treatments

     Although the creation of the finger-pressure treatment has been recent and is not as widespread as acupuncture, moxibustion, and other universal therapies, the efficacy is remarkable. What else does the day by day and month by month increase in public confidence signify? I do believe it is an issue that deserves much study.
     I see that general finger-pressure therapies are effective to a great extent, but they all depend on the bioelectricity, that is, the human spiritual power which is emitted from the finger tip. When applying the technique, practitioners exert efforts, unify their spirits, and administer treatment. Usage of the spiritual energy of practitioners is conspicuous and quite fatiguing. And, the time needed for treatment is usually more than an hour. This is the reason that many finger-pressure therapy practitioners are so short-lived.
     The basis of the finger-pressure therapy technique that I have created, however, relies on Kannon power, and  practitioners merely offer their physical bodies as instruments. They do not exert themselves in any way and the period of time needed for treatment is usually from ten to thirty minutes. In addition, comparison with other finger-pressure techniques shows efficacy to be several times over. 

Lectures in Japanese Medicine, Volume 1, 1935
translated by cynndd

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“Ichi, Ippan Shiatsu Ryōhō to no Hikaku,” the third chapter of Nihon Ijutsu Kōgiroku, Dai-ippen (Lectures on Japanese Medicine, Volume 1) was compiled and distributed in mimeographed form in 1935. Although “Dai-ippen” is included in the title where it has been anthologized, there are no subsequent volumes.