Great Construction

Healing Art in Harmony with the Divine
(Medicine for Tomorrow, 2nd ed.)

     The healing art that I have created is the true healing art of Japan, and I do believe that it is indeed a Japanese-style therapy. I would like to observe these points from a different perspective. The different perspective that I refer to is that of the Shinto of Japan, that is, the great way that is in accord with the divine. From my study, I think that the great way that is one with the divine is the way of Japan, nay, the way of the Japanese people. No! My healing art is the future way for all peoples of the world. So, what does being in harmony with the divine mean? The topic has been discussed and debated from ancient days until the present in various ways, but the most appropriate description of the way that is in accord with the divine of which I speak is to say that it is the way of Nature.
     All in creation between heaven and earth is generated, develops, unites with or separates from other elements, prospers and declines, in accord with the principles of Nature, so through these processes, our world advances limitlessly. That which may appear to be unnatural through the eyes of human beings is in reality natural. That which seems to be coincidence is not really coincidence but inevitable. That which looks to be vague actually proceeds in accord with strict law. These processes and principles are far beyond the wisdom and theories of human beings.
     The workings of Nature are truth itself. The embodier of truth, the controller of the cosmos is who is reverentially called God. Therefore, what is called cosmic will is the same as the will of God. In line with this reasoning, Nature is the will of God, and it can be said that the actual aspects of Nature, the reality of Nature, is the embodiment of God’s will.
     In this sense, that in the midst of Nature, the human being breathes and is nurtured and grows through the power of Nature. Life and death as well should follow Nature, that is, should be in accord with divine intention. Needless to say that which goes against Nature perishes and that which follows Nature prospers. In line with this reasoning, the model that human beings are to always take as example is Nature. To proceed in accord with Nature, that is, to learn from Nature, is to learn divine intention, to proceed in accord with divine intention. This is what is meant by being in harmony with the divine. The very phrase, “being in harmony with the divine” is of a spirit of language that should be called the epitome of profundity and mysteriousness.
     When this reasoning is applied to human health, it is of course clear that human beings are born because they are necessary in the divine economy of what happens on this earth. That is the reason individuals have been given their respective qualities. Mei or “command” is the second Chinese ideogram in the Sino-Japanese compound for “life,” sei-mei. Thus, while individuals have life on this earth, they should obey the command of God and live actively in this world. Human life is not to be treated in a simple-minded, foolish manner. Death, that is, the loss of life, means that one has been released from the “command to live,” sei-mei, on this earth. Therefore, as human beings have received life from God, they should try to keep their bodies and hearts clean and do their best for the fulfillment of their mission. Phrases that have been handed down since antiquity, such as “child of God,” “a vessel of God,” “an instrument of God,” “a palace of God,” have none other than this significance.
     Even so, that the human beings who are of the highest order of having received life from God, that these human beings damage their health is because they have turned their backs on Nature, that is, on divine intention. Therefore, discovering what is against Nature, this is the fundamental question. However, sad for human beings, because they cannot discover the answer to this fundamental question, they unavoidably use instruments and pharmaceuticals to treat disease, so there results nothing more than temporary effect.
     To live life in accord with the divine as described in the preceding, that is, to be in accord with following Nature, is not particularly difficult. Following Nature is extremely simple. As far as health is concerned, when human beings are born, they drink mother’s milk in infancy and as they develop, they eat regular food. For human beings, Nature has fashioned as foodstuffs: grains, vegetables, and fish and birds in countless variety of form, shape, appearance, texture, flavor and aroma, all suitable for human consumption. It is sufficient that human beings enjoy eating foods provided by Nature from the land on which they live, according to the season. If all individuals accomplish the work within the range of their responsibility and as a model live up to the precepts of the Imperial Rescript on Education, there is no reason they should experience ill health.
     In Nature, in all things between heaven and earth, purifying activity occurs, as indicated in the lines of the Prayer of Great Purification, “the four gods of purification will perform their duties.” To dispel the impurities that have accumulated, for example, on the earth, the wind blows, the rainfall washes, and the sunlight dries impurities away. Also, within a house, water is used to wash and clean the dust and dirt that has accumulated. Such activities in the physical body of a human being are disease, in other words, the same as purifying activity in Nature. Therefore, it is a matter of course that if left to Nature, disease will heal. During the process of purification, one should rest from work in order to be able to endure the accompanying fever and pain. If one does not have an appetite, it is permissible not to eat. That is Nature. In this way, the physical body of the human being itself performs purifying activity, so it is all very convenient.
     In this sense, the healing art and approach to health that I advocate takes above all as its textbook and does indeed follow Nature, thus it is a healing art that is in harmony with the divine.

Medicine for Tomorrow, Volume 2, second edition, February 5, 1943.
translated by cynndd

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“Kan’nagara Ijutsu” has previously appeared in translation. The citation is given below for reference.

“Health in Accord with the Law of Nature,” Teachings of Meishu-sama, Volume One, 1967/2009, page 57