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Dropsy and Night Sweats

     Dropsy, also known as edema, has two causes. Both are due to impediments, either in the kidneys or in the urinary bladder. When the cause of dropsy is kidney damage, as was explained previously as well about kidney diseases, the damage results from excess urine due to constriction of the kidneys. Light symptoms are local, while serious symptoms can extend over the entire body.
     There are many instances of dropsy where either the left or right side is particularly affected, which happens because the side that presents the most with symptoms of dropsy has constricted kidneys. Most cases of dropsy are caused by constricted kidneys, but in rare instances the cause can also be in the bladder. When the bladder is the cause of dropsy, it is because grains of solid pus block urine from passing down through the mouth of the urethra from the bladder or the ureter. Impediment of the flow of urine becomes the cause of dropsy. Whatever the cause, however, dissolving the solidified medicinal toxins will easily and completely heal the condition.
     An interesting aspect of dropsy is chronic edema. Acute cases are quickly identified, but in chronic cases, the urine backs up without attracting notice and neither the doctor nor even the patient perceive what is happening. In those conditions, chronic edema may continue gradually for several years or several decades, and the toxins solidify under the skin, so it particularly common in obese individuals. Since such people are pathologically obese, physical problems are likely to occur at any time. In this regard is the following absurd incident. There was a female student who was overweight, rather plump, in fact. At a glance, she looked to be in perfect health, so the school doctor chose her after physical checkups from among three candidates as the model healthy student from her prefecture. But once in a while she felt pain in her chest, became completely fatigued, experienced swelling in her stomach, and complained of overall sluggishness, so she came to me. I examined her and surprisingly, I found the condition described above. She was obese from chronic edema caused by solidified toxins all over her body. With Johrei treatment, her urine output quickly increased, she lost more than seven kilograms and became truly healthy. As these symptoms are rather common, even people who seem to be the picture of health should take heed.
     In patients where doctors have already diagnosed edema, when there are no proteins in the patient’s urine, the doctors will say that the cause of the edema is not in the kidneys but in the heart, but this is an error too foolish for words. The heart has nothing to do with urine. Doctors make diagnoses of the presence of kidney disease based only on an observation of proteins, because medical science is not aware of the existence of a form of kidney disease without proteins.
     In addition to the types of edema described above, there are also instances where the edemas is localized. Most of these are cases where edema suddenly breaks out in localized areas such as in the area of the legs below one or both of the knees or in the wrists. Unlike cases where the cause of the edema is in the kidneys, most of these localized cases result from the purification and liquefication of solidified medicinal toxins, especially from such medical therapies as injections, and are also easily treated with Johrei.
     Medical science views night sweats to be being caused by overall physical debility, but this interpretation is completely backwards. Night sweats are the result of vigorous purificatory action, so even in cases of patients who do not experience night sweats, with treatment, night sweats will start to occur, and from this stage, recovery will begin which shows that night sweats are indeed one result of purification. In addition, this principle is clear also as cases of night sweats in the elderly are few and prevalent in the young.
     As we are on the topic, allow me a general discussion of sweat. It is customary that the healthier the person, the greater will be the generation of sweat and that the weaker an individual becomes, the less is sweat generated, some generating none at all. There are those who generate sweat only locally, and in these instances, usually on only one side of the body or on the other. Such occurs because the kidney on that side of the body is constricted. Due to the constriction of only this kidney, slight amounts of uric toxins are always accumulating on that side. The accumulated uric toxin turns to sweat and is eliminated. There are some people who seem to sweat anytime for no reason at all, but this condition occurs for the same reason as described above, so it is pathological.

Medicine for Tomorrow, Volume 2, third edition, page 40, October 5, 1943
translated by cynndd