Great Construction

Melancholia, Paralysis, Cramps

     Melancholia has a variety of causes and a variety of symptoms, but its most common forms result from stiffness in the neck and shoulders. As is related in the relevant chapters, pressure from stiffness decreases the supply of blood to the brain, causing anemia that leads to melancholia.
     As interesting aspect in this regard are infants, whose dispositions are always changing, becoming unhappy and crying. Doctors are perplexed because they have no idea at all of the reason for these changes in mood. In most of these instances of crying and irritability, though, babies have stiff shoulders. It may be amazing to think that an infant’s shoulders could be stiff, but it is an undisputable fact, that is clear because when we treat the shoulders of infants who cry and are irritable, we soon see their dispositions recover, returning to normal. Another cause for melancholia is the slightly feverish condition that is always present due to the constant purificatory activity of the toxins in the front and back part of the head. Still another are toxins in the stomach region whose purification causes a slight fever that also leads to melancholia. Thus, the cause of most cases of melancholia are medicinal toxins, but rarely there do occur cases of melancholia whose cause is spiritual, so I will discuss these instances of melancholia in the chapters on spiritual diseases.
     Paralysis has various causes and symptoms and the most common form is beriberi. This instance of paralysis will be discussed in the chapter on beriberi. Other causes of paralysis stem either from medicinal toxins introduced through injections (most of whose instances occur in the fingers) or in regions where surgical incisions have healed. In each of these cases, with the passage of time, if left alone, the paralysis will heal gradually. In addition, palsy may be the cause of localized paralysis. These cases of paralysis are not easily healed, but there are rare cases that heal naturally.
     Cramps may have two causes. One cause is a most acute level of purification, and when this purification is in the form of acute high fever, it can often lead to diseases in the brain. The second form are the symptoms of spasms in the stomach and intestines which are also both severe forms of purification. Cramps in infants are sometimes considered dangerous because of the intense pain, but it is fair to say that cramps are hardly ever fatal, and most cases will heal with the passage of time.
     Cramps also have spiritual causes which will be taken up in the relevant chapters.

Medicine for Tomorrow, Volume 2, third edition, page 45, October 5, 1943
translated by cynndd