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Kidney Therapeutics and Rejuvenation

     Our healing method could be described simply as kidney treatment. I have already explained in other chapters that illness, all diseased conditions, result from one of the three varieties of toxins, small pox toxins, uric toxins, and medicinal toxins. There is no region in the body that is more affected by these three kinds of toxins than the area around the kidneys. What follows is a systematic discussion.
     Upon birth into this world, the greatest source of congenital toxins for the generation of disease in the human body are the small pox toxins that gather and collect in the region behind the kidneys. Everyone carries these toxins and, as can be imagined, retarded infants have particularly large amounts. In addition, what the general public considers a late start at walking in children results from these toxins, and if treated, can be easily healed. Through life, as the human being develops into an adult, all three types of toxins gather and collect in the kidney region, gradually harden, and increase. The pressure from the hardening and increase of these toxins constricts the kidneys and retards their functions, as I have previously described, so urine that cannot be processed by the kidneys, continues to accumulate, seeps out, adding to the increase in the amount of solidified toxins. The kidneys are thus further constricted, which leads to more excess urine and more solidified toxins. The excess toxins gradually move to both sides of the back area and spine and accumulate. From here they travel upwards to cause stiff shoulders, to the area around the neck and, of course, to the head and brains, as well as to the eyes, ears, nose, gums, and throat. Depending upon the person, moreover, these toxins can also go to the chest region, the joints, the stomach, liver, and peritoneum. Moving downwards, these toxins go also to the legs. While moving to the extremities, the toxins will accumulate in the areas where the nerves get the most activity, as has been pointed out elsewhere.
     As thus described, kidney dysfunction results in the outbreak of disease and other conditions. So, the first action to be taken is to dissolve and remove the solidified toxins behind the kidneys. Once this is accomplished, naturally the other affected areas can begin to recover.
     At this point it is necessary to discuss the normal purification process, one of the human body’s natural functions. As the solidified toxins in one area are dissolved and eliminated, purification is naturally generated in other areas of the body where the toxins have gathered and solidified in order to equalize the purified levels throughout the entire body. Because this purification has been naturally generated, it is accompanied by fever and pain. Therefore, as the kidneys which are the main trunk of affliction are purified, it is inevitable that through the equalizing purifying process of normal purification, the toxins which have also diffused and spread to the branches will also purify and all parts of the body will be healed. The law of normal purification shows that improving the function of the kidneys is the only way to heal the entire body and promote health.
     Once impediments in the region of the kidneys have been removed, these organs can regularly begin to function vigorously again which shows favorably in other aspects. The most conspicuous phenomenon is rejuvenation. The patient will appear to be at least ten and sometimes twenty years younger. This occurs because in addition to eliminating the toxins in the body through the urine, the kidneys also manufacture and distribute hormones throughout the body. Nowadays medical science includes in its treatments injecting hormones from outside the body, and the public is deluded by the temporary results, but external hormone treatment actually weakens the ability of the kidneys to function properly. We can compare these effects to what happens when domestic industries weaken as foreign goods are imported. If you think about it in this manner, the results of this healing therapy are tremendous because we can depend on the limitless supply of our superior domestic hormones rather than on artificial imported ones.
     As hormone production in the kidneys is reactivated and one’s physical vitality returns to its original vigor, one’s attitude towards life changes entirely to where one begins to feel refreshed and optimistic. Anger, irritability, and short-temperedness disappear, one becomes friendlier and more cooperative, and one can engage in one’s work with cheerfulness and continued energy, so efficiency is increased. This may sound too good to be true, but I do say that I am not exaggerating in the least. You will be able to confirm that this is not a fraud when you observe that many people have experienced these results for themselves. I believe that when the kidneys of the Japanese people become healthy, the first benefit will be to lead to an increase of efficiency and production. With the decrease of pessimism and melancholy, society in general will become more cheerful and peoples’ lives, more enjoyable. Thus, I do not exaggerate when I say that our kidney treatment is a way to renew both spirit and body that surpasses a sermon of a million words.
     The normal purification process deserves some elaboration here. Normal purification, as I explained here previously, continuously arises as the body signals to regions where the toxins have solidified. The body thus clarifies where the toxins are and is able to heal the whole, restoring the physical body to complete health.
     Those whom we treat for the first time may feel listless in the days following treatment. This listlessness will not occur in the regions of the body treated, and it is only normal purification occurring in untreated areas. This listlessness includes slight fever. Thus, regions of the body which did not originally present symptoms and were not previously treated can also be treated, and the patient will be completely healed.
     Recently, the public health authorities have started to promote a movement to encourage the general populace to “hold your head proudly and walk.” When the kidneys of people have become healthy, they will naturally hold their heads proudly and walk. Young people who cannot hold their heads up and older people with bent backs are those in whom uric toxins have solidified in the back, especially in the lower regions, so as long as the kidneys are not made healthy, no matter how much the virtues of walking are touted, forcing people to walk unnaturally will only be painful. These programs may have a temporary effect but lasting value will be negligible.
     In all aspects of human health, it should be said that the efficacy of our kidney treatment is tremendous. 

Medicine for Tomorrow, Volume 2, third edition, October 10, 1943.
translated by cynndd