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Treatment with Our Healing Art

     Our healing art is the art of healing the kidneys, a point I have discussed in previous chapters. We begin our treatment with the head and brain region, the neck, and the shoulders. Then, we have the patient lie on the stomach, and with the hand and the tips of our fingers we examine the right and left side of the kidney region in order to determine the extent of the solidified toxins. It is fair to say that there is not one Japanese today who does not have toxins accumulated and solidified in the region of the kidneys. These toxins may be either the type that cause pain or not, but most of the time, they are of the kind that do not. The area that has the most concentration of toxins can be described as follows. Describe a triangle running from the spine to the ends of both bottom ribs. The area inside this triangle and the region below contains the most toxins. In a state of relative health, the skin in this area should be soft to the touch, but there is probably no one in this condition. Most people have solidified lumps of toxins, and in some individuals, these lumps may even protrude conspicuously. These lumps are the solidified forms of excess urine and they reach upward to both sides of the spine. The area between the spine and the shoulder blades particularly tends to present with large amounts of solidified toxins. Toxins in this area also affect the stomach, so when these are dissolved, stomach functions improve and one’s appetite increases. Therefore, dissolving these toxins has beneficial effect for patients of stomach cancer. The solidified toxins move from the area around the kidneys to lower regions around the hipbone, and when these solidified toxins actually touch the hipbone, in many cases they can lead to abnormal conditions in the legs. Recovery can be had in most of the lower parts of the body when these toxins are dissolved.
     The above explanation shows that treating the kidneys is primary, treating the area from the back to the shoulder blades, secondary, and treating the other mentioned areas, tertiary. In most people, solidified toxins will predominate in the right kidney region, but the left kidney region is important as well. Appendicitis results from constriction of the right-side kidney.
     As solidified toxins around the kidneys’ region dissolve, the dissolved toxins infiltrate the kidneys and are eliminated with the urine. Albumen is this dissolved toxin, so when urine is eliminated, it will naturally contain, smaller or larger amounts of albumen. As the toxins around the regions of the kidneys dissolve, physical disease, the equalizing natural purificatory function, will become activated and speed recovery throughout the body. The process of dissolving the toxins around the kidneys makes it easier to dissolve toxins in other areas of the body as well.
     Complete kidney function contributes toward promoting greater vigorous purifying energy throughout the entire body. If the kidneys of the human being can become healthy, all illnesses can be healed, both body and soul will become sound, and happiness and longevity may be had, so the ideal of humanity, thought to be impossible, can be realized.
     The discovery of kidney healing is therefore I think, of great significance, unprecedented in the history of humanity.
     One condition to be watchful for are in those of patients who suffer from suppurative peritoneum. In many cases, if only the kidneys are treated, equalizing purification will occur, causing abdominal pain, so in these patients the area of the peritoneum must be treated at the same time as the region of the kidneys.

Medicine for Tomorrow, Volume 2, third edition, October 10, 1943.
translated by cynndd