Great Construction

The Sanctification of Western Medical Science

     There is something that I continue to find inexplicable about the constitution of contemporary Western medical science. My perplexity is that, apart from those involved in the medical professions, no attempt is made by others, that is, third parties, to meddle even a little into medical science. This is particularly so in clinical matters. For third parties to intrude into all aspects relating to sickness, health, and hygiene is indeed considered dangerous. The most conspicuous example of this tendency appears to be in large part due to the attempt to exclude healing practitioners in the public sphere. To consider why is taken the attitude that anything outside of Western medical science is to be looked upon as dangerous and its value not recognized, the reason for such a tendency would probably be because these forms of treatment are thought to be not based on “science.” Therefore, the present state of affairs is that the actual results of other treatments are not taken seriously at all. With such a self-righteous attitude, one would think that Western medical science has been sanctified.
     To that stance, we say “It is sufficient that the disease be cured.” Only that “the condition is cured and the patient becomes completely healthy.” Is there anything necessary other than a cure? Is anything else to be desired? The preservation of the health of our lives and our physical bodies is a real problem. A theory or science that destroys this reality is unacceptable. It is in this sense that I believe that that which cures disease is a true healing science and that which does not, a non-healing science. Therefore, to believe in a practice that cures is a true belief, and to believe in a practice that does not is a false belief, a superstition. Furthermore, that which thoroughly accounts for the pathology of a disease without giving rise to the slightest contradiction is true healing treatment, and that which leaves unclear and cannot explain the pathology of disease and is inconsistent with reality is non-healing treatment.
     The following passage is from the book Tuberculosis and Life by Dr. Kihachirō Kunishima which makes clear my point. “A hundred years ago it took four weeks to recover completely from typhoid fever and even now complete recovery takes four weeks. Recovery from pneumonia takes a week, as long as it took a hundred years ago, so no progress in the treatments of medical science can be recognized at all.”
     In the light of a medical science so sanctified, even when recovery does not proceed as the doctor said it would, there is hardly anyone who asks why. Those who fall into misfortune through misdiagnosis or malpractice or both, even when they have substantial doubt, do not protest or complain. The reason for this reticence is that to protest is seen as if a blasphemy against the divinity of science, and, on the grounds that it could interfere with medical treatment, there is a tendency to ignore legal issues in such cases. Too often we hear of instances of death immediately after a vaccination. It seems there are not a few occasions where patients come down with typhoid fever after receiving a preventative vaccination for it.
     The abuse of learning for learning’s sake is apparent here. One of those abuses is the application in the name of research of new medicines and surgical procedures that could be considered to be rather outrageous. How many precious lives have been sacrificed to such abuse? How much would people be astonished when these hidden abuses are brought to light? It is unavoidable as long as the system is designed so that no one may peep inside the sacred castle. Doctors will say: Isn’t it good that ten thousand lives are saved even if one is sacrificed? In response to that I say, “Why can’t you save even one person after you have already killed ten thousand persons?”
     And then, there is this factor. Current medical science practiced in Japan is German medical science. It is said that on the first page of the book that students read when beginning to study German medical science are the words, “When the pathology of a disease is not known, the first thing that should be done is to cut open the skin and observe.” Faithful doctors will swallow this teaching whole and perform surgery. It is often heard that no disease was found after cutting someone up. Patients who have been sacrificed in this way are truly to be pitied. Although the patient is sown up and the wound treated when nothing has been found after cutting up the body, I do know from my many experiences that the harmful influence to overall health is of no small amount.
     As I repeatedly state, Western medical science is impetuously progressing along the wrong path, has gone astray, so the more it “progresses,” only inevitable is the result that will increase the percentage of danger to humanity. Thus, as humanity has completely fallen into the blind belief in medical science, it is truly lamentable that not even a glimpse of the fallacy can be detected. As Dr. Kunishima mentioned above, if there is no progress between a hundred years ago and today, the waste of labor and resources of those involved in Western medical science has been of no sort of benefit to humanity. I am forced to declare without reserve that readers cannot but be astonished when I say that what has been obtainable from the great waste I referred to above is that well-being is not promoted, the health of humanity has been weakened, the world overflows with the sick, and human life itself is threatened.
     I do believe that in the very near future will certainly come the time when many of those involved in Western medical science have to perceive this fallacy. The problem is that they must consider what to do when that time comes.
     I do know, however, that there is a great number of experienced and proficient doctors who have awoken to the impasse of Western medical science. I have no doubt and fully believe that when the time comes that our healing method is established, doctors who use our method to solve the problems of the health of the people will indeed proliferate. But at present, due to the various obstacles having to do with circumstances, position, and economic considerations, there are those who vacillate, but I would like to urge a conscientious decision by doctors. What is most troubling here is that even now there are quite a few doctors who blindly believe in the absolute supremacy of Western medical science, who insist there is no treatment superior, and who have firmly decided that there is nothing that could appear to replace it. It is the education of these very persons that will most likely require the most efforts. However, in instances of transitional periods of any kind, it is probably sufficient if one understands that no one will find it possible to resist, even in great numbers.

Medicine for Tomorrow, Volume 2,  third edition, page 233, October 5, 1943
translated by cynndd