Great Construction

Good Precedes Evil

     Because the “right advances, left falls back” activity of the world of night has given birth to materialistic culture, the natural result is that Western thought would inevitably try to resolve all issues and problems based on the material. And as this way of thinking has resulted in the material science that has continued until now, human beings are looked upon as material and treated in the same manner as animals. In this sense, Western medical science is not human healing but animal healing. And, in this context, when “right advances” and “left advances” are classified into good and evil, right is evil and left is good. When the material predominates, evil results. When the spiritual predominates, good results.
     Therefore, if the “right advances, left falls back” culture continues, it will inevitably become demonic and the strong will inevitably devour the weak. This principle can most likely be acknowledged when it is observed that Caucasian cultures threaten weak and small peoples and boast only of their own riches and strength. And, the fact that Western medical sciences perform demonic and cruel acts among which are dissecting dead bodies, shedding blood by slicing human flesh in surgery, and causing pain by injections that pierce the skin probably result from this situation. In addition, most of the great medical researchers and doctors who have contributed to what is thought to be the advance and progress of Western medical science are of Jewish descent. It is on that basis that Western medical science is sometimes referred to as Jewish medical science.
     It is in this context that, as the world gradually transitions into daylight, it is natural that phenomena contrary to activity so far will occur. That is, as “left advances” belongs to good, it is inevitable that the world becomes spiritual. As a result, all will progress in a direction that emphasizes the spiritual. Therefore, in the near future, a spiritual science will no doubt be born. Nay, it would be fair to say that spiritual science has already been born. It is the art of healing that I have conceived. Not a healing science of animals, it is a healing science of human beings, and therefore a method of treatment that emphasizes the spiritual. It is completely opposite from demonic, cruel behavior. It is indeed a healing art based on love for humanity. Therefore, the civilization where “right advances, left falls back” will turn into a “left advances, right falls back” civilization. As such, a world of evil preceding good will become a world of good preceding evil. The world where the strong prey upon the weak will become a world of moral principles.
     Let me approach this issue from another perspective. That is, in all fields, evil will experience a settlement of accounts. Look! In international affairs, the Machiavellianism of the Anglo-Saxons is being dealt with, and in Japan as well, politicians in addition to members of the leading classes are showing a seriousness about affairs hitherto unseen. The way of thinking as well of the deeds of all Japanese take the interest of the nation to be paramount, and the shadow of liberalism that was momentarily visible is now completely out of sight. For the commercial classes as well, the unrestrained pursuit of profit has been replaced by a sense of priority for the public good, the secrecy concerning commodity prices and the profits made on them under the old system are not permitted, and affairs have become transparent. In education, superiority of the individual and the goal of personal success have come to be secondary, in all publications, movies, and entertainment, the inferior and corrupt has become impermissible, and all extravagances are circumscribed.
     What this means is that, in simple terms, evil in all affairs and matters, secrecy and selfishness have become impossible, and we see the appearance of a new world that is fair and clear and moral. This is nothing but the transition from a “right advances, left falls back” world to a world where “left advances, right falls back.”

Medicine for Tomorrow, Volume 3, page 17, October 23, 1943
    translated by cynndd