Great Construction

The Basis for Morality

     There is a saying that has been around since antiquity that describes the person who “studies the Analects but doesn’t know the Analects.” Of course, the adage is referring to those who, no matter how many great books they have read and regardless of the number of lectures they may have listened to, are of no use whatsoever as long as they are not able to live up to and act in accord with the principles they have learned. Why in spite of the fact that individuals can be greatly impressed by what they have read and heard but cannot put it into practice I will explain here.
     The source of this condition is because the existence of spirit, spirits, and the spiritual world is not known. Among various factors, one quite likely is that until the present there have not been books or publications that were able to teach and explain actual characteristics of the spirit. Of course, the greatest cause of this situation is probably that the texts of the great religions of Shinto, Buddhism, Christianity, as well as all other faiths, and those concerning philosophy and morality did not offer a complete and thorough explanation. Such was the case as it was the world of night and all was unable to be revealed.
     The time has come and the world has turned into daylight, that is, the age of divine light throughout in which all phenomena that were unclear in the past will become plain and straightforward, as clear as the backs of our hands. Therefore, now will be the first occasion for establishing the fundamentals of morality and will arrive the time when all, regardless of status or station, will have no choice but to live and act according to principles. I will now explain step by step aspects of spirit, spirits and of the spiritual world.

Medicine for Tomorrow, Volume 3, page 62, October 23, 1943
translated by cynndd