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The Symptoms of Diseases Discussed

     What are generally considered to be the symptoms of illnesses can be roughly divided into the following conditions: fever, pain, itchiness, unpleasantness, nausea, diarrhea, dropsy, night sweats, dizziness, sleeplessness, depression, paralysis, coughing, hot flashes, ringing in the ears, chills, and constipation. Each of these symptoms will be discussed in accordance with the principles of our healing method.


     The theory medical science accepts these days for the cause of fever is, as described in previous chapters, that there functions in the brain a center that controls the generation of fever and that this center under some form of stimulus generates fever. Other reasons that appear to have been bandied about credit fever to the fatigue caused by exercise as well as those to impairment in the liver, kidneys, stomach, as well as generation in other locations. There is no fever-generating center in the brain, as I previously explained, but one theory that cannot be overlooked is that which holds that body temperature itself results from combustion that arises from eating and digesting. That such a ludicrous theory came to be expounded was probably that the digestive process was thought to be like a heating stove, and digesting food was inferred to be akin to burning coal.
     In advance of explaining the cause of fever generation according to the results of my research, readers should realize that because my theory is so far removed from currently prevailing theories, it deserves carefully reading and consideration.
     All in the universe consists generally speaking of three constituents. These constituents are fire, water, and earth. Fire which is the spirit of fire is the element of the sun. Water, known in its physical form as hydrogen, is the element of the moon. Earth is the element of the planet earth. The heavenly world is the sun, the intermediate world, the moon, and the lower world, the planet earth, form three levels. This relationship can be clearly seen at the moment of a solar eclipse.
     These three levels are vertical, but the three constituents also form three horizontal levels. Where these two lines intersect is a three-dimensional fusion, and this fusion also applies to the human being.
     Within the human body are important organs that serve three functions. These organs are, the heart, the lungs, and the stomach. These three organs function to absorb into the body the three elements, the spirit of fire, the spirit of water, and the spirit of earth in order to maintain life. The heart absorbs the spirit of fire; the lungs, the spirit of water; and the stomach, the spirit of earth.
     To the present, material science has been able to comprehend the spirit of water and the spirit of earth but the spirit of fire remains undiscovered, for which there was a reason. The spirit of water is half-substance and the spirit of soil is substance, but the spirit of fire is non-substance.
     To detail even further, non-substance, which is the spirit of fire, fills the space around the surface of the earth. I have named the space permeated with the spirit of fire, the world of “reiki.” Similarly, the spirit of water that fills the space around the earth forms the world of air. Consequently, the heart absorbs the spirit of fire from the world of reiki, the physical manifestation of which is the movement of the beating of the heart. Of course, the lungs absorb the spirit of water from the world of air which is the act of breathing. The stomach absorbs the spirit of earth from the foods that are produced from the soil, as everyone knows.
     In accordance with the principles outlined above, body temperature is the spirit of fire that is continually absorbed with the beating of the heart from the world of reiki. Fever generation results when large amounts of warmth are activated in order to dissolve solidified toxins so the heart beats more frequently while fever is being generated. Furthermore, after death you can see that the blood quickly congeals because the spirit of fire returns to the world of reiki and that the corpse dries out as the spirit of water return to the world of air. The corpse becomes soil because as substance, it returns to the spirit of soil.
     Here should be added a word of caution. Fever is generally thought to be generated everywhere throughout the physical body but actually most instances of fever are only local. For example, when you probe the skin for the focus of fever generation with the tips of your fingers in case of a high fever, you will discover a small lump about the size of a fingertip. It is often observed that this lump is quite hot, like a fire. When this lump is dissolved, fever immediately decreases wherever it is in the body. It is very clear from this example that there is no organ that serves as a heat generation center. Neither can I say that the thermometers which are used and depended upon to measure fever in the human body are very accurate. When the center of fever is located near the armpits, the traditional area for inserting the thermometer in Japan, fever is easily detected, but when the fever is located farther away from the armpit, such as in the head, brain or in the legs, it will be harder to determine accurately. As the distance increases from the point of fever generation, the warmth radially decreases. This fact is demonstrated by the frequent discovery that the temperatures taken on the left side arm pit are often observed to vary among individuals by as much as five to six degrees from the temperature measured on the right side.
     Physical techniques are undertaken to try to cool and chill high fevers, but such measures are the worst possible steps that could be taken. Body temperature is maintained at around thirty-six degree because that temperature is the most appropriate for bodily activity and functions. Cold compresses are zero degrees, however, so activities and functions of the localized region to which such a cold compress is applied will be seriously impaired, and is some cases, lost, because they become frozen or paralyzed. From my experience, in cases of high fever such as in stroke, inflammation of the lungs, typhus, and so forth, not few are the instances in which death occurs not because of the original disease or condition but from the application of cold. One example of this occurred when I was asked to help a hospitalized university student who was in serious condition. When he had been hospitalized his symptom had been severe diarrhea and nothing else. When I examined him, I found he was experiencing clouded consciousness due to an extreme degree of anemia and was frequently nauseous. He had no appetite and was considerably weakened. To explain what happened, in the beginning, the doctor had prescribed a cold compress on the head for a high fever due to catarrh, and this cold compress had been continued for more than twenty days. This treatment resulted in a severe case of anemia. Diarrhea, the original cause for hospitalization, had been healed, but the young man had been beset by further illness on account of the mistaken treatment. I explained this to members of the family, but because of their deep-rooted faith in the superstition caused by medical science, they said they could not stop the cold compresses, so I bowed to the inevitable and left. I was later informed that the student died three days afterwards.
     Ah, we can only lament at how terrifying are the cold compresses that are misdiagnosed by the practitioners of medical science.
     You must also come to understand how terrifying is the continuous ingestion of antipyretics for high fevers. The continued use of the common varieties of antipyretics over a week will most often begin to present with a reaction. Because these reactions are quite stubborn, doctors refer to them as fevers of unknown cause.

Gospel of Heaven, page 121, February 5, 1947
translated by cynndd