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     As previously described, pain, physical pain, occurs during purification when fever dissolves solidified toxins. As the liquefied toxins seek an outlet, they move through the body, irritating the nerves of the muscles.
     The symptom of the kind of pain described above appears in a great variety of conditions from appendicitis, acute peritonitis, acute nephritis, gastrointestinal cramps, headaches, toothaches, tympanitis to rheumatism, and the various types of neuralgia. The cause of pain in conditions such as periostitis, osteomyelitis, and costal caries results when the solidified toxins in the periosteum purify and dissolve. As the toxins move from the periosteum to the surface of the skin they open microscopically small holes in the bones, causing severe pain. The pain experienced in diseases such as periodontitis and tympanitis is also of this variety. These microscopic holes quickly disappear and the bone returns to its original condition when the disease has healed. In the instances where there is an innumerable number of holes, doctors often say that the bone has putrefied, but this opinion is erroneous.
     Next are the severe kinds of pain associated with such conditions as whitlow and gangrene. In these conditions, the affected parts turn a dark purple color, swell, expanding gradually. The condition appears as if the flesh is decomposing, so doctors pronounce it to be putrefaction and think it best to amputate the affected areas as quickly as possible, but this judgment is highly erroneous. As can be seen in the fact that the affected areas will expand only to a certain level and will then definitely stop, it is clear that these conditions are not instances of putrefaction.
     In addition, there is the pain that accompanies burns, cuts, and external injuries, but as these types of pain differ from illness, they will heal naturally. There are, however, many instances where these types of conditions do not easily heal because bandages with disinfectants are applied. If the use of medications in these instances is stopped and the affected area merely cleaned with clear water, the wound will heal naturally.
     Because the cause of pain all results from the use of medicinal toxins, as has been shown already, the large variety of pain results from the diversity of medicines.
     When depending upon Johrei, pain is quickly healed. Even cases of particularly severe pain such as in whitlow and gangrene present with dissipation of pain within one to three treatments of Johrei much to the pleasant surprise of patients.

Gospel of Heaven, page 126, February 5, 1947
translated by cynndd