Great Construction


     Everyone is quite familiar with the fact that compared to pain, the suffering from itching is not to be scorned. There are three causes of itching, medicinal toxins, congenital toxins, and food poisoning. The most widely known of conditions that cause itching are scabies and hives. The cause of scabies is largely congenital toxins and the cause of hives are calcium injections and medicinal iodine. Because scabies is the purification action of the dormant congenital toxins of smallpox, scabies could be called chronic smallpox in contrast to its acute form which is the disease called smallpox itself. The shortest cases of scabies will last several months, and the longer cases can stretch to several years. Calcium injection is the usual method of treating hives, and although good results are obtained temporarily, with the passing of time, the condition will break out again and worsen. Even in instances where calcium injections are administered for other conditions, with the passage of time, hives will break out, but if left alone, hives will heal. There are several kinds of hives. Usually they appear on the skin as a vast number of infinitesimal grains, but there are also hives that are spotted or that form lines over the skin. In the beginning stages, hives present with a scarlet color, but as it heals, the color turns black. While it is red, the condition is very itchy to be sure, but as it turns black, the itchiness disappears. This phenomenon occurs with scabies as well.
     Finally, certain kinds of injections as well as antipyrine and fish poisoning will present with the symptoms of hives, but these symptoms are only temporary. In lighter cases, the symptoms go away in or three days, and even more severe cases heal in several days. Only in the case of antipyrine poisoning, however, do the black spots remain, even after complete recovery, sometimes for as long as several years.

Gospel of Heaven, page 128, February 5, 1947
translated by cynndd