Great Construction

Discomfort and Nausea

     The term discomfort as related to diseases is not uniform. Such symptoms as nausea, cramps, sea- and car-sickness, and melancholia are among the important ones. The most common is nausea. The causes of nausea include such conditions as gastric reflex from cerebral anemia and high fever, food and drug poisoning, gastric disturbance, pyloric senosis, and pregnancy.
     When severe cases of cerebral anemia occur, they are always accompanied by nausea. At these times, the forehead of the patient is cold as ice to the touch, greasy sweat is exuded, and the face presents with paleness, symptoms which confirm anemia. Upon investigation, a solidified lump will certainly be found, either in the neck or in the back of the head. The patient will speedily recover as this lump is dissolved with Johrei. Recovery occurs because the constriction caused by the toxic lump disappears and blood can flow normally to the brain.
     Cases of purification in the brain and head resulting in high fever, may also cause gastric reflex, much in the same way as cerebra anemia.
     Food poisoning is a purificatory action to eliminate toxins ingested with food. It is often accompanied by diarrhea.
     In drug poisoning, pharmaceutical products that have been ingested and absorbed over time return to the stomach. When they return, they become a sort of medicinal toxin that causes nausea. When nausea leads to vomiting, the secretion that is eliminated smells like the ingested drugs that caused it.
     Gastric disturbance results in nausea when bile, which continually flows through the stomach, encounters the stomach in a weakened condition.
     The nausea from pyloric stenosis occurs when, due to pyloric senosis, that which has been digested by the stomach seeks to descend to the intestines, finds it difficult to pass, and instead, the digested matter returns backwards to the stomach. In these cases, if soft or fluid foods are ingested, they find it easy to pass the constricted pylorus, so nausea does not occur.
     Morning sickness occurs when the solidified toxins around the stomach start to discharge due to expansion of the womb. Morning sickness is easily healed as these toxins are dissolved.
     Cramps may have a spiritual case or may be caused by the chills that occur with the outbreak of high fever. I will provide a detailed explanation of the spiritual explanation of cramps in an appendix to this work.
     Sea- and car-sickness are results of solidified toxins surrounding the outside of the stomach. With the motion of the conveyance, toxins start to dissolve and permeate the inside of the stomach walls. Melancholia can have spiritual causes but can also be caused by inactivity of the stomach, jaundice, cerebral anemia, or stiffness in the shoulders or in the back.

Gospel of Heaven, page 130, February 5, 1947
translated by cynndd