Great Construction


     Diarrhea is one of the most frequently occurring symptoms of disease and is distinguished either as acute or chronic. Cases of acute diarrhea result from food or drink poisoning. You often hear people say acute diarrhea is due to night chills but this is not true. Diarrhea from chills is extremely rare. For cases of diarrhea from food poisoning, either drugs are introduced to try to stop the stool or else castor oil is used which is said to encourage the discharge, but both these treatments do not really work and will only prolong recovery. Natural recovery is best
     Apart from cases of diarrhea that result from other than food poisoning, there is a type of diarrhea accompanied by sudden, extreme pain. This kind of diarrhea can occur anywhere from ten times to extreme cases of even twenty-to-thirty times a day. Of course, these discharges are liquid stool, and the stools sometimes may be mixed with bloody fluids. In extreme cases it may appear as if rotted flesh is being discharged with the diarrhea. Such kinds of discharge result from the vigorous purification of solidified pus and toxic blood. In no way are fragments of flesh or organs discharged. Such instances of severe diarrhea occur in the young and are rare among the elderly.
     In spite of the fact that these cases will also heal naturally if left alone, instances of severe diarrhea fluster members of the general public and they seek medical treatments but these measures only worsen the condition, sometimes prolonging it, and, even leading to death.
     Chronic cases of diarrhea may last several months or even several years. Doctors usually diagnose these conditions as intestinal tuberculosis, but this is purification of diffuse peritonitis, as has already been described. Its cause is the great amount of uric toxins that continually accumulate and solidify in the peritoneum due to constriction of the kidneys.

Gospel of Heaven, page 132, February 5, 1947
translated by cynndd