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Melancholia and Paralysis

     The most common cause of melancholia is stiffness around the neck and in the shoulders. Particularly noteworthy are the cases of infants. Infants are continually in a bad disposition, for which medical science does not really know the reason. Doctors say the poor disposition of infants is due to stomach worms and they try using worm medicine or even hocus pocus on babies, but these are no more than superstition. In my experience, the cause in most cases of bad disposition in babies is stiffness in the shoulders. That infants should have stiffness in the shoulders may thought to be amazing but it is true, because when this stiffness is dissolved, the infant returns to its normal disposition. In addition, another cause of melancholia in general are instances where there is a fever either in a part or in the whole of the head There are also instances of spiritual causes.
     Paralysis takes various forms, but the most common is beriberi, which I will discuss in the chapter on beriberi. There are also instances of paralysis in the fingers, toes, and instep, but these are most often caused by the medicinal toxins in injections and will heal naturally. I will talk about the paralysis from palsy in the relevant chapter. 

Gospel of Heaven, page 137, February 5, 1947
translated by cynndd