Great Construction

Coughing, Vertigo, Ringing in the Ears

     Coughing has already been discussed, but I would like to make a few additional points. The source of the generation of coughing can be in any localized area of the body, and the way of thinking of medical science practitioners that looks for causes in the throat are fantasy. When the solidified toxins in areas such as head and brain, face, gums, fingers and toes, and particularly those in the groin area, places that are not ordinarily thought of as sources for coughing, are treated with Johrei, in the twinkling of an eye, coughing is activated which expels phlegm. I have had the experience of treating with Johrei the groin area of a follower who was also a medical doctor. Each time I treated him he would cough and expel phlegm. The doctor would say, “Even if solidified toxins are being dissolved and discharging, it is most incomprehensible that in the twinkling of an eye phlegm can move to the throat by some mysterious passage.” I answered his doubts in the following way. “Pathological activity inside the body is such that when expelling unnecessary matter, it permeates with no difficulty in an instant through muscle or organ. This principle can be easily understood when the relationship between spirit and matter is known.” The relation between spirit and matter will be detailed in the appendix.
      Vertigo does not result from blood rushing to the head as is generally thought. It is the purifying action of accumulated solidified toxins on the surface of the face or in places on the forehead, and the resulting fever presents with reddening of the skin.
     Ringing in the ears is the echo that occurs when purification dissolves the toxins that have accumulated and hardened either in the parotid gland, the area around the inner ear, or in the region in the back of the head. The condition readily heals as the solidified toxins in these areas are dissolved and eliminated.

Gospel of Heaven, page 138, February 5, 1947
translated by cynndd