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Kidney Therapeutics and Rejuvenation

     Our healing method could be described simply as kidney treatment. I have already explained in other chapters that illness, all diseased conditions, result from one of the three varieties of toxins, small pox toxins, uric toxins, and medicinal toxins. There is no region in the body that has more to do with these three kinds of toxins than the area around the kidneys. What follows is a systematic discussion.
     Upon birth into this world, as just stated, the small pox toxins which are congenital first gather in and collect in the human body in the region behind the kidneys. All carry these toxins, and retarded infants have particularly large amounts. What the general public considers a late start at walking in children also results from these toxins. Through life, as the human being develops into adulthood, the pressure from these collected, solidified toxins constricts the kidneys, impairing their function, and urine that should have been eliminated accumulates and hardens, creating conditions for various forms of illness. To suppress the body’s natural purification process, medicinal toxins are introduced into the body’s system. The use of medicines, causing medicinal toxins, adds to the pressure caused by the three types of toxins, and the kidneys become further constricted. The kidneys have the important functions of manufacturing hormones and expelling physiological residue through the urine, so constriction of the kidneys leads to a weakening of the body’s natural purifying function and an overall lack of hormones throughout the body. These two results make senility unavoidable. In accord with this principle, what keeps the human body healthy and energetic is the active functioning of the kidneys, so the completely healthy human being is the one whose kidneys function vigorously in proportion.
     As the kidneys come to be whole, the body feels lighter and one’s carriage becomes more agile. The brain clears, and efficiency increases. The individual does not tire of work, can put up with hardships, and in all things becomes optimistic, always maintaining a positive attitude, disliking anger and showing a spirit of cooperativeness. Such a person is loved by others which leads to success.
     In women, as their blood becomes purer, they become conspicuously more beautiful and convey a pleasant feeling to those with whom they come in contact. The increase in the production of hormones manifests conspicuously in their charm. Hence, relations with husbands become fulfilled and waves do not arise in the home. The elderly, among other things, become some twenty years younger. Under these conditions, it is not difficult for the average person to attain a life span of over ninety years.
     I believe that as the people of the world come to have complete, healthy kidneys, decrease in the number of the ill and an increase in the birthrate will follow naturally. We can also expect to see the extermination of conflict. All this is possible because whole kidneys mean good health and the possibility of attaining a whole mental state. The individual with a completely whole mental state abhors conflict and idleness and loves peace. Such people forsake self love and treat all matters with common sense.
     I am quite convinced that world peace will not be a possibility without the spread and practice of our healing therapy.

Gospel of Heaven, page 212, February 5, 1947.
translated by cynndd

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This essay has previously appeared in translation. The citation is given below for reference.

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