Great Construction

Our Healing Technique and Existing Healing Techniques

     For the past one hundred pages or so, I have analyzed and summarized discrete conditions and diseases, and when analogies are drawn with all other diseases, they as well should be understood. A disease does not have one fixed form. Just as each individual has distinct features, so also does each disease differ from each other. For example, lung diseases can be either tuberculosis, gangrene, emphysema, infiltration, or pneumonia, and even then, in cases of only tuberculosis, the symptoms and metabases for each individual are not the same. Of course, they are not the same due to differences in physical constitution, personality, environment, types of treatments, course of the disease, and amount and type of medicine used. Therefore, when treating patients, the main principle should be to assess the source of the condition, probing all the vital points. When the vital points are not treated directly, results will be poor no matter how much the practitioner tries. So, when is asked the question of the best way to discover the pathology of a condition, the two factors of wisdom and experience are primary. Practicing to attain wisdom and experience of course takes enthusiasm and time, and in doing so improvement in technique may gradually be obtained.
     As such, one year after completing the course for our healing technique and having thoroughly practiced it, a great difference can be recognized, whether in the practitioner’s diagnostic or treatment skills, when compared to a doctor who has studied and practiced Western medicine for more than ten years. This difference results from the present reality that countless cases of practitioners who have had only one or two years of experience with our treatment method are able to completely cure those patients on whom several hospitals have given up, declared hopeless by well-regarded medical doctors. Briefly, it is no exaggeration to say that the difference is between healing that heals and healing that does not heal.
     At this point, an important aspect must be emphasized. That is the fact that we never advertise in newspapers, magazines, or any other kind of printed media. The reason is that we do not have to advertise. For example, patients who have undergone all sorts of treatment but have not recovered and are still in agony, come to know about and undergo our healing technique, recover completely, have their lives saved, get very excited, and cannot look away when they see other patients suffering from the same disease. They speak to these sufferers and their words contain energy and life. The words of one who has had such an experience are one hundred percent effective, better advertising than a hundred newspapers. Furthermore, it is only natural that recovering completely through our healing technique gives rise to a desire to be able to heal as well, and most who recover, take our course.
     It is through the ways described above that by day and by month our  healing technique is quickly developing and expanding. Therefore, it is as clear as day that there will come the time when existing medical science collapses. Of course, this is the natural fate that follows that which is not true. What comes after this collapse is indeed the ideal of humanity, the embodiment of a world free from disease.

Gospel of Heaven, page 214, February 5, 1947
translated by cynndd