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Advice for Administering Treatment

     I would like to enumerate some pieces of advice for treating patients. When we consider the human being as divided into spirit and body, the back represents spirit, and the front corresponds to the physical. Therefore, according to the law that spirit precedes physical, for whatever affliction, the back is important. Areas and points on the back should be amply treated for there to be true effect. Reducing the amount of toxin in the back will reduce the disease in the front part of the body. One example is the acute pain from stomach cramps, which if only the region in pain in the front is treated, will have less effect. For stomach cramps, if the right and left sides in the back are probed, there will be found toxic lumps on one side between the shoulder blade and the spinal column. When those lumps are treated, the pain in the stomach will rapidly go away.
     The toxic lump is a solidification of ingested pharmaceuticals. In cases where pharmaceuticals have been ingested continually, because individuals usually sleep facing up, these ingested pharmaceuticals permeate from the stomach, settle, and solidify in the back region.
     Other instances are that the swelling from wet peritonitis and also the formation of pockets of pus from suppurated peritonitis will show improvement when the back of the kidneys are treated. Diseases of the other organs, that is, the heart, lungs, the stomach, and intestines should primarily be treated from the back.
     The most accurate way to distinguish whether a person is healthy or not is to first exam the shoulders. If the shoulders are soft, and when applying pressure with the fingertip, it goes down into the skin about an inch, then the individual is healthy. It would not be wrong to determine that a person is unhealthy if the shoulders are not soft but stiff. Tuberculosis patients will without exception have stiff shoulders. Even patients with severe conditions will recover more quickly when their shoulders are soft. Patients with light conditions will find recovery difficult with stiff shoulders, severe purification will occur easily, and due to such a condition, danger to life cannot be avoided. Therefore, I want to inform the people of the world that the most ideal method for diagnosing health, both accurate and easy, is to exam the shoulders.
     With headaches, there will certainly be fever in the front part of the head, but if that region is treated there will be little effect. In these cases, most people will have lumps of toxin in an area centered on the parotid gland that stretches to the lymph glands, so if this region is treated, fever will lessen, and the headache will go away. Therefore, even apart from those with headaches, in general cases of fever, such places as the parotid gland, the lymph glands, and the tonsils will certainly have large or small lumps of toxin, so when those regions are treated, in most cases, the fever will subside.
     For conditions in the arms and fingers, the region from the lymph glands to the shoulders and the apex of the arms should be fully treated. Treating these two regions will readily show results, even in the fingers. Therefore, based on the same principle, conditions in the legs should be treated in the groin and the kidneys.
     An important point to keep in mind here is equalizing purification. When toxins have dissolved in one part of the body, purification will start in another region. I refer to this purifying function as average or equalizing purification. For example, if there happens to be a pain in the left hand, when treated and it heals, there will next be pain in the right hand. When the pain in the right hand is treated, there will be pain in the back. It feels like the pain is moving, so patients complain of moving pain, but there is actually no such thing as pain that moves. This is a phenomenon caused by the function of equalizing purification.

Gospel of Heaven, page 216, February 5, 1947
translated by cynndd

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“Chiryō ni Tsuite no Chūi,” published originally in the first major postwar publication Gospel of Heaven, February 5, 1947, although never anthologized while Meishu-sama was still alive, has appeared in translation. Citation is given below for reference.

“Important Points for Specific Ailments,” Meishu-sama’s Teachings, Booklet One, 1996, page 43.