Great Construction


Nature is the very world in which we are breathing and living. About the composition of this world, my studies show that it is divided largely into three spiritual elements: earth, water, and fire, as I have already explained. On the other hand, there are electromagnetism, air, matter, chemical elements, etc. as far as we can recognize at the present time by natural science and through the five senses. However, what I intend to describe is pneumatic substance which has yet to be recognized scientifically and through the five senses, that is, the spiritual force. The term "spirit" or "spiritual force" has often been used even so far, but mostly confined to some aspects of religion or psychic studies. Because of that, people have been apt to regard the word "spirit" as superstitious and there has been a general tendency to think that a person can be qualified as adequately educated by denying the existence of spirit. But who knows the truth? The essence of the spirit is being the very source of miraculous power, and generation, activity, transformation of everything in the Universe are all caused by this power; I call it invisible power as well.

On account of what I have just described above, let me proceed to explain while I refer to this perceptible world as "the corporeal world" and that unknown world as "the spiritual world".

In the first place, as the principle of all things in the universe, every event in the corporeal world has already occurred in the spiritual world and been in motion. Just for the same reason, when a human being moves his hands and feet, his will has already been ahead in motion. However, what the scientific ideal aims at so far has been to try to give a solution exclusively within events in the corporeal world. Because of this, the human culture is said to have advanced, but in reality it is not accompanied by the human welfare at all. Therefore, to solve the problems about events in the corporeal world, first of all we must solve those in the spiritual world. In this context, even in the case of curing illness, the true method of the cure must be none other than the solution originating in and from the spiritual world, that is to say, the cure of spirit by and through the spirit.

Accordingly, it is with no doubt that even in the case of the human body, the spiritual body belongs to the spiritual world and the material body belongs to the corporeal world. And then, the illness is, as I have already described, purification of the toxin which has accumulated, that is, dissolution of the solidified toxin. When this process of disease is applied to the spiritual body, the solidification of toxin corresponds to a cloud in a localized part of the spiritual body and the dissolution of the toxin corresponds to an extinction of the cloud.

However, since any existing remedy has meant to solve only the problem of the body in the corporeal world, it is the method in the inverse direction and has not been a true solution of disease at all.

Given that the dissolution of the cloud in the spiritual body is the principle of the healing of disease, what is the power to dissolve the cloud? That is just a kind of mysterious beam of light which is radiated from the human body. Anyone who wants to really understand this principle must practice the healing for several years, and will grasp it downright. Such being the case, It is very hard to convey more than a very rough idea of this truth by describing it and I would like you to bear this in mind as you read.

What in the first place is the spiritual body of the human being like? To explain this, what we must know is the nature of death. That is: when the material body becomes impossible to use because of senility, disease, injury or bleeding, etc., the spirit and the body get separated, which is the death. Therefore, the death is the event in which the spiritual body parts from the material body. And then, the spiritual body returns to the spiritual world and will be reborn after a certain span of time has passed, while the material body decays and returns to soil. This is what everyone knows. Based on this account at least, you should know the spiritual body is an infinite living body, and the material body is a limited, secondary being. Therefore, when we deal with a human being, our true object must actually be the spiritual body.

Modern science has at long last recognized that not only all living things but also minerals and plants have a kind of radiation. On the basis of my studies, the radiation emitted from the human body is of the highest grade and just like "Man is the spiritual lord of creation" as the ancients said. And the higher the spirit is located, the more rarified its elements will be, and the higher the degree of rareness is, the more difficult it will be to grasp them by rule, which indicates the law opposite to that of materialism. Therefore, it is rather easier to grasp the low-grade spirit, namely, the radium in minerals, the phosphorus in plants, etc. And further, it is important to understand this principle that the more rarified the spirit is, the greater power it comes to have. However, although radiations from the human body are the most powerful, it is more than you can imagine that its power varies greatly according to the individual and the more powerful the radiation is, the greater healing power it has. On account of this, to strengthen the radiations, I concentrated them to radiate at one localized part of the body, and succeeded in dissolving the clouds. At the same time, I succeeded in exerting a special technique in order to make much stronger the ability to emit the radiations which each individual has. By applying these two methods and understanding their basic principles, and accumulating your experiences, you can realize the amazing power to cure illness.

Tidings of Great Joy from Heaven, February 5, 1947 (the 22nd year of Showa)
/23 UL)

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