Great Construction

The Transition from Night to Day

     The number of patients I have treated in more than twenty some-odd years amounts to many thousands. To express briefly what I have concluded from that experience: The cause of illness is medicine. The more that the causes of each and every condition is investigated, in some way or another all are nothing but medicines, that is, drugs. There is not one speck of doubt that if humanity as a whole does not awaken to this fact, medicines will lead to its destruction. Frightening drugs have been trusted, looked upon as saviors of humanity, idolized, and the human body has weakened and longevity shortened without having been perceived, so it should not be an exaggeration to say, “Foolish fellow, thy name is ‘civilized person.’” War and starvation are insignificant compared to medicines. My words may seem rather extreme. I, however, do not think so. Without exaggeration I have only conveyed merely the facts that I clearly know. What I feel to be most peculiar is that those nations of the world that boast of the highest levels of civilization have yet to perceive this fact. Even though the principles for the atomic bomb have been discovered, the fallacies of medical science remain undiscovered. There is no need to declare that the war criminals who misused nationalism to invade other nations and slaughter other peoples do not deserve forgiveness, but their crimes pertain to a certain period only, and we are still learning more about the events that finally led to the destruction of their ambition. The crimes of medical science, however, have continued for several thousands years, and not only has this crime not been perceived, rather it is quite serious that medical science has come to be regarded as a sacred vocation, as an instrument of benevolence. The following can be said as well. That is, the development of the human intellect has not progressed to the point where it can discover the fallacies of medical science. There has been a reason for this, however. This reason will be now be discussed and as I explain I am sure readers will come to understand.
     As I have explained in preceding chapters concerning the relationship between the spiritual and physical worlds, all the phenomena in the physical world is a reflection from the spiritual world, and it is in the spiritual world that recently has begun a great transition. When this transition is known, all becomes clear.
     Ordinarily all phenomena in the heaven and earth of creation, as previously explained, continue to be generated, developed, destroyed, created and continue without limit by activity in both aspects, the spiritual and the physical. Seen from a wide perspective, the universe is infinitely great and at the same time it is also a material world that consists of infinitely small amalgamated bodies. Through unlimited change and mutation, culture continues to advance and develop without cease. When the human being pauses, calms the restless mind, and ponders this point, probably cannot but be felt the will of the universe, that is, the intention of God’s purpose. Furthermore, in all is there the distinction between yin and yang, light and dark, night and day. And, when we observe the changes of seasons from spring to summer to autumn to winter and the comings and goings of all, we can apply them to human life. In everything there is a distinction between the great, the intermediate, and the small, and when we apply these distinctions to time, as in the difference between day and night, there are also differences from year to year, ten years, every hundred years, every thousand years, and each ten thousand years. These yearly changes, however, are only a phenomena in the spiritual world. In the physical world, we are only able to perceive the changes in one day between day and night.
     In accord with the principle of yearly changes, the time has now come in the spiritual world for the transition that naturally comes every so many thousands of years. This fact is important and no understanding of the principles of our healing art can be had without knowing this essential point. As this principle comes to be understood, it becomes possible to comprehend not only our healing art but the future of the world as well. Therefore, allow me to show how this change of so many thousands of years in the spiritual world is being reflected in the physical world.
     In accordance with this significance, the world in the spiritual plane until the present has been night. The world of night, as in the physical world, is dark, and only on a regular basis can be seen the light of the moon. Of course, the spirit of water prevails, and when the light of the moon is covered, only the light of day remains, but when clouded, the world is true darkness. This is all so clear merely from observing the phenomena in the physical world that have been reflected from the spiritual. In other words, what we observe in the continuous aftermath of the rise and fall of nations and the alternation of war and peace is like the waxing and waning of the moon. The universe is about to start a new cycle, and the period at present truly corresponds to the period of dawn.
     As a result of the transition from night to day in the spiritual world, there will occur a great change, equally astonishing, frightening, and joyful, that humanity has not yet experienced. Indeed, the first signs of this change have already begun.
     In the world of day of which I speak, like the day in the physical world, shafts of light of the sun first appear in the eastern heavens. Look! Japan at the extreme east of the earth—in other words, the origin of the sun, is experiencing a great change. In Japan, destruction of the civilization of night, that is, the existing civilization, has already begun. Observe that the destruction of important cultural centers and the fatal wounds to industry and business are great aspects of this change, and in human terms, the complete fall of the privileged and governing classes is due to this destruction. After destruction, what is to come next—is the construction of the civilization of daylight, and the signs of this construction have also already begun to appear. Look! The rise of democracy following the complete disarmament of Japan. These two manifestations are probably the first steps toward eternal world peace that we could not have truly dreamed about throughout the two thousand six hundred years of Japan’s history. As opposed to the world of night which is a dark age filled with conflict, hunger, and suffering, the daylight world is an age of divine light marked by peace, abundance, health, and so forth. Japan at present is greatly manifesting aspects of this turning point.
     The sun that is starting to rise in the east will finally reach the center of the sky. This position, needless to say, means the complete destruction of the civilization of night throughout the whole world together with the cries from the birth pangs of the daylight civilization. These aspects can be anticipated. They can be anticipated because Japan is already presenting with a small prototype of this civilization. Furthermore, the decisive fate of the world continues to press before the eyes. No one will be able to escape. All that remains is to try to keep suffering to a minimum level. One method to accomplish this goal is right here. That method is to know and understand the principles of this healing art and become a part of the project for constructing the daylight civilization.
     A verse in the Christian Bible says, “And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.” This verse signifies, I believe, the spreading of my writings throughout the world.
     In teaching the principles of this healing art, I have gone as far as to cover a subject that includes the fate of the world as it is a very important. It is important because the discovery of the principles of this healing art and the discovery of the fallacies of medical science, the basis of both these discoveries, hinge on the one point of the transition from night to day.
     The cause of disease, as has already been explained, is cloud on the spiritual body of the human being, and the elimination of cloud is the only way to cure disease. There may be doubts as to why the world was not able to make this discovery before this healing art was discovered, and the reason is the following. There are two ways to treat disease as I previously explained. One is to restore the physical body to its condition before the process of purification of toxins began, in other words, a method that solidifies toxins. The other is completely the opposite: the method that dissolves and eliminates toxins. Existing medical science is the former and this healing art is the latter, which I am sure readers have already readily recognized.
     The basis of this healing art is a kind of invisible, mystical light ray that is radiated from the human body. The substance, the essence of this mystical light ray, is one kind of spiritual force distinctive to the human physical body that consists predominately of the spirit of fire. Therefore, when administering this light ray treatment, large amounts of the spirit of fire are required, and as movement towards the daylight world advances, the amount of spirit of fire in the spiritual world gradually increases. This is because the source of the radiation of the spirit of fire is the sun. There is an important aspect to the spirit of fire apart from its efficacy at healing disease. This aspect is that the increased amount of spirit of fire in the spiritual world accelerates the purification function, purifying activity within the human physical body. In other words, the change in the spiritual world directly influences the spiritual body of the human being. Towards the clouds on the spiritual body, the increase in the amount of the spirit of fire, in what should be called a supporting role, strengthens the purifying power. As a result, disease is more likely to occur as well as at the same time weakens the efficacy of the solidifying treatments of existing medical science which will ultimately become useless. For example, in the world of night what was once solidified might take several years to start purifying again, but that period is gradually shortening, and it will soon become one year, then six months, three months, a month, till finally it will become impossible for toxins to solidify. The best example of this phenomenon is small pox vaccination, and here I introduce an actual example from Japan. Some ten-odd years ago, it was said that one small pox vaccination would be sufficient to immunize an individual for a lifetime, but gradually the immune period has shortened, to ten years, then to five years, and recently the efficacy has become extremely weak. In addition, the fact that there has been a tendency for the incidence of other diseases of various kinds to increase cannot be overlooked.
     From what I have written, the reader can understand that night is gradually changing into daylight. As a method of treatment for curing disease during the period of night, solidifying worked better than dissolving. That was because the amount of spirit of fire necessary to dissolve the toxins was lacking. It was therefore unavoidable that the solidifying method would be chosen as the next best solution. It was indeed a terrifying fallacy that eventually led to miseries such as the shortening of human life, disease, hunger, and conflict.
     If the reader accepts the idea of the transition from night to daylight as described above, the timing of the change comes into question. I believe that the final period for the transition has already been proceeding for the past several years. There is an appropriate example for this. That example are the tens of thousands of my followers, who through treatment continue every year, nay every month, to present with notable results in healing disease. In other words what I mentioned previously of the purification process taking three months, has come down now to one month, a half a month, ten days, and three days, continuing to shorten as time advances. This phenomenon is unanimously proclaimed by all my followers. This phenomenon indicates the speed of the increase in amount of the spirit of fire in the spiritual world and is surely evidence that suggests that moment by moment the world of day is approaching.

Gospel of Heaven, page 226, February 5, 1947.
translated by cynndd

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