Great Construction

Eliminating Misery

     Misery is doubtless humanity’s greatest preoccupation. It is impossible to eliminate misery completely, but to a certain extent it is not difficult to alleviate. To explain this proposition, let me first discuss the true nature of misery.
     Indeed, an undeniable fact it is that the source of almost all misery is disease. Of course, aside from disease, there is a variety of immoral acts that are born from romantic problems, material want, and so forth, but when the causes of these issues are investigated, it can be seen that they derive from mental disease. The often-used expression, “a healthy mind in a healthy body” is a veritable truth. Based on the results of my many years of research, whether in instances of romance, injustice, immorality, short temperedness, alcoholism, indolence, or juvenile delinquency, defects involving disease can almost certainly be discovered in the physical body. That being said, until now, ways to completely cure disease and decisive methods to make the physical and mental aspects healthy as a whole, whether through medical science or by other forms of healing, have not been discovered. Even if the cause of disease had been discovered, there have been no methods or treatments that truly resolve the issue of disease. There are simply too many cases of those who boasted of having discovered the causes of disease and perfected treatments for curing it whose discoveries have turned out to be merely short-lived and have disappeared in no time. These instance are aptly  described by the classical expression, “the day is late and the road home still far.” The many examples of the personal accounts overflowing in sentiments of appreciation and joy from having healed serious symptoms and diseases that are carried in this paper cannot be read without tears flowing from the eyes of readers.
     The resolution of disease and misfortune is due to the manifestation of invisible power. Only those who have experienced this spiritual power can understand how great it is.
     We now live in an age when all matters and issues must be demonstrably proven in order to obtain general acceptance. Though intricate, exquisite theoretical explanations or exhortations from teachings may be expounded, unless actual physical results can be shown, all is only fruitless talk, and the promotion of the welfare of society and salvation for all humanity is simply a dream.
     The invisible power that moves the physical, that very power, is the essence of a true faith. All with which the Japan Kannon Church is presently engaged is of this power. In this sense, I believe that the phrase “religion of power” is true. The word for religion in Japanese is written with the ideograms meaning “sect” and “teaching,” and the basis of all existing religions is indeed teachings, which shows that the inner soul is simulated from the outside. The method of Johrei conducted by the Kannon Church radiates or channels spiritual light directly to the inner soul to awaken the soul all at once, what could be called “inactive transformation,” making methods such as sermons secondary. Buddhism contains the precepts “enlightenment in this life” and “the enlightened individual is a Bodhisattva,” which aptly illustrate Johrei. Members of the Japan Kannon Church are able in a remarkably short time to reach equal enlightenment and attain sambodhi. Not only do they have no need to think about their own misery, they become human beings willing and ready to eliminate the misery of others.

Hikari, Issue 12, June 11, 1949
    translated by cynndd