Great Construction

Faith Is Trust

     The amount of religious faithful in the world is beyond counting, but individuals who have a correct attitude toward faith are few and far between. For this reason, I will describe what the person who has valid faith is like.
     No matter how much individuals believe their own faith to be tremendous, those thoughts are subjective only and do not mean a thing. Faith is not genuine unless it is examined objectively. What must be done first is to know how to be individuals of a faith that is objectively examined. The logic to do so is simple: being trusted by others. Examples of being trusted are those individuals of whom it is said that “what those guys tell us is right,” “nothing untoward will happen if you associate with them,” and “they are really good people.”
     Neither is it difficult to know what to do in order to deserve such trust: do not tell lies and put the benefit of others before your own. Be individuals of whom it is said and thought that such as “Thanks to them I was helped,” “You will lose nothing by associating with them,” “They are indeed very kind,” and “I always feel good when I meet them.” It is guaranteed that you will have the respect and liking if not love of many. You will readily understand the logic of this philosophy when you think about yourself. When you meet people much like those just described, it is only natural that you want to associate with them, you can consult with them without anxiety, and they will eventually become very close to you. But here, an important point. No matter how much effort is made to be trusted, it cannot be temporary. Just like cooked rice: at first, it does not seem to have any taste, but the longer it is chewed, the better it tastes. I teach that people should seek to become like cooked rice, “cooked rice human beings,” that is, those whom one cannot do without for even a day.
     But as we observe society, we see that there is just too much of the opposite. Without batting an eye people behave purposely to lose trust. Lies are told which soon become obvious. It is the height of foolishness. Once a lie is told, trust is totally lost all at once no matter how many good deeds may be undertaken. There are some individuals for whom fortune does not improve as much as they may try, and that cause, when investigated, will inevitably turn out to be having told a lie and losing trust. There are no exceptions. Trust is indeed an asset. When individuals are trusted, there will be no financial worries, because all will gladly lend them money.
     I have discussed trust among human beings, but on a higher level, being trusted by God is the most precious trust, because when one is trusted by God, all affairs and matters proceed smoothly, and it is possible to come to  have a life immersed in joy.

Hikari, Issue 13, page 1, June 18, 1949
translated by cynndd

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