Great Construction

Opening Remarks (Chijôtengoku 6)

     Nowadays, even though we say that the communization of China could have been foreseen, Japan has come to circumstances where it cannot idly watch, and the sprouts of that situation have started appearing in all fields. For a while, the friction between communism and non-communism will probably be unavoidable. In the midst of this whirlpool, what activities should all religions be conducting is a question which shows that indeed the times have become difficult. Even so, it is impossible for one involved in religion to keep above the fray.
     We have our own take on this situation which is that as the appearance of our goal of paradise on earth appears to draw closer and closer, it is beyond any doubt that it is only natural that great changes will take place in all aspects of the world, so is it not true that the entanglement of communism and non-communism should be looked upon as one part of God’s economy? Thus, when looking ahead where not even an inch ahead is visible to human eyes, when trying to judge matters and affairs with ordinary wisdom, there is no reason why anyone should be able to grasp the direction of what lies ahead.
     In that sense, those of us involved with religion should as individuals of religion try to do our best and pray that as soon as possible all sides compromise so that world peace may appear. It is inevitable that we will have to wait for the right time. 

 Chijôtengoku, Issue 6, page 3, July 20, 1949
translated by cynndd