Great Construction

The End of Night Approaches, Repent!

     Christ cautioned all to repent for the end of the world approaches and also warned “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand,” but the true meaning of neither of these warnings has yet to be fully explained. Of course, that is because it was not the time for these meanings to be clarified, and that is because, as I teach, the period until the present has been the age of night. The time has come to proclaim an end to the age of night, and the fact that it is the time to transition to the age of day accords with the prophecies of Jesus. In other words, “the end of the world” means the end of night,” and the “kingdom of heaven,” the world of daylight. That is, the dark, black world filled with trouble and anguish that has continued to the present is symbolic of night. The daylight world is a joyful world in which light shines everywhere, where vice and suffering have been eliminated. Those who hear this explanation and acknowledge it are of course those of faith. Materialists without a jot of faith will probably not comprehend if only this much is said, so to enable understanding, I will describe the truth, the reality of the transition from night to day.
     To explain the process of the transition from night to day according to my teachings, this transition started in the invisible innermost portions of the divine realm, was reflected to the spiritual world, which was then reflected to the physical world. The start of the transition was in the three-dimensional world of the divine realm and the time was 1882. The next stage to the spiritual world, that is, the transition of the second dimension, was 1931, and the next transition in the physical world is approaching now right before our eyes, the beginning of a great crisis. Briefly, the world is at the point right before daybreak, the time when the sun starts to rise in the eastern sky. Let me explain scientifically the condition of the spiritual world at present.
     In the spiritual world during the age of night, the spirit of water predominated and the spirit of fire was subordinate, but when the daylight age has begun, the situation will become reversed and the spirit of fire will predominate and the spirit of water will be subordinate. In other words, darkness will change to brightness. If that were all there was to this transition, there would be no particular cause for concern, but actually through this transition will begin an unprecedented great change. That is, there will occur destruction and construction to an extent never before experienced in the history of humanity. In the spiritual world, the impure will become pure, and this change will reflect to the physical world and will initiate tremendously unusual events that will exceed imagination. Of course, as a result of an increase of the spirit of fire in the spiritual world, purifying energy will generate and proportionally but gradually strengthen. One sign of this process is that distinctions between good and evil, justice and wickedness will become clear, and all of humanity will undergo purification. Since disease in human beings is the purifying activity of the spirit of fire, it is only natural that the stronger forms of purification will occur within those whose physical bodies contain the greater amounts of impurities. Until now, purification has come rather gently so there was no threat to human life, but at the end of the world disease will be severe and tremendous and it will come very quickly and abruptly. For example, with two or three symptoms, like headache, coughing, or diarrhea, there is no threat to life, but when six or seven come all at once, it is not to be endured. In these cases, patients will be examined by doctors but even so the source of the disease will be incomprehensible and swift death, unavoidable.
     How frightening! As a result of the arrival of such a great purification, an age of great terror will begin, and it can be estimated that countless numbers will perish. This warning was included in Christ’s pronouncement of the last judgment as well. Until the present, however, the actual aspects and the timing of the last judgment were not clear, so humanity was not able to obtain clear awareness of the event. But now that the actual time is approaching, God has had me give this great warning and describe it in practical terms.
     Thus, as the great last judgment dangles above the heads of all humanity, it is God’s great love that as many as possible be saved. Overcoming this great barrier is absolutely impossible without having one’s sins forgiven and clinging to the hands of God who controls human life and presides over the last judgment. In other words, there is no other way to be saved than to put the heavy burden of sin which human beings bear into and have purified by the hands of God.
     As the one who is conducting the last salvation, carrying out the responsibility delegated to me by God, I hereby sound the bell of alarm, so there are no other words to describe those who close their ears and chose not to pay attention to my advice as human beings who have on their own chosen the fate to perish. I end my essay by warning that the time has come for repentance and reform, choices that are only being offered once.

Hikari, Issue 42, page 1, December 32, 1949
translated by cynndd

         *             *             *

“Yoru no Owari Chikazukeri Nanjira Kuiaratameyo,” originally published on the front page of Hikari, Issue 42, December 32, 1949, and later reprinted while Meishu-sama still alive in the essays anthology for ministers Goshinsho: Shūkyō-hen (Divine Writings: Volume on Religion), page 377, March 25, 1954, has appeared in translation. Citation is given below for reference. “Yoru no Owari Chikazukeri Nanjira Kuiaratameyo” is one of the few essays to appear in both Goshinsho: Shūkyō-hen and in the anthology Igaku Kankei Goronbun Shū (Collected Essays on Medical Science) that did enjoy a limited circulation. Igaku Kankei Goronbun Shū contains no publication data, but internal evidence suggests that its editing stopped several months preceding Meishu-sama’s death. In addition, since the book contains no publication data, whether this anthology had Meishu-sama’s imprimatur or not is unknown, so details concerning this volume are probably impossible to research.

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