Great Construction

Opening Remarks (Chijôtengoku 12)

     Nineteen fifty, the twenty-fifth year of the Shōwa era, is finally here. Just stating so is not particularly different from any other year, but indeed it is this year that will be a tremendous period for us. This is because, as we teach, the world of night will transition to the world of day. This year corresponds to this event. What this means is that from this year forward the world has the fate of coming upon a big change.
     I would like to give a full account of this transition, but unfortunately I am not permitted to do so. Therefore, I will give out only parts that I am allowed. Obviously the change from night to day is the moving from the dark world to a world of light, of extremely bright light. It will become an age in which evil perishes and good flourishes. The dirty will become pure. That which is harmful will be destroyed and that which is beneficial will remain. The kingdom of heaven advocated by Christ and the world of Maitreya expounded by Shakyamuni are nothing but this change. Is it not one great happy auspicious event? Having said this, however, such is what we say to the good, but it is nothing else than pitiable for evil and those who would commit evil. When I say this, there may be those who see my statement as self-serving, hot air spewing forth from those who claim to speak for religion, but this time is different, and I do want to caution all that this year there will probably be burgeoning signs visible to some of what I described above.

 Chijôtengoku, Issue 12, page 3, January 20, 1950
translated by cynndd