Great Construction

My Response to a Certain Inquirer

     One day, an individual who was of the executive level in the membership came to visit saying that he had something to ask me. I met him right away and the gist of his business was, “The rumors about Mr. ABC are mistaken. Mr. ABC has told me so, so I would like to lift this suspicion.” To this remark I replied in the following way.
     “For the great task of the salvation of the humanity of the world I use time these days in the most meaningful way. Therefore, I want you to tell me how much relation your problem has to the salvation of humanity.” He was too surprised to speak, bowed profusely, and promptly left.
     This kind of comedy to which one cannot at all laugh occurs too often. The world is coming to a close, and in spite of the fact that God bestows upon me the great compassionate assignment to save as many individuals as possible, the fact that people come appealing for private interests, about emotional problems, and the like is very difficult to comprehend. What do they think this faith is? However, as there is a considerable number of members with this way of thinking, to bring this topic up is as to put a finger on a sore spot. On his way out, I said to him, “If you have the time that lets you think about such matters, please read the books of God as much as possible.”

Hikari, Issue 46, January 21, 1950
    translated by cynndd