Great Construction

Ascension of the Morning Sun

     Why there should appear one after another those who obstruct the Japan Kannon Church is a topic I will address. In a religion as bright and cheerful as the Japan Kannon Church, problems such as obstruction ought not to be possible to occur, so such interference may be thought to be strange or curious, but there is a reason.
     In terms easiest to understand, when in the morning, the sun climbs the eastern sky, clouds are usually about and the sunlight is obstructed. In the same manner, the Japan Kannon Church is spreading with the vigor of the ascension of the morning sun, and one after another clouds appear to obstruct. The obstructions are these very persons who interfere, so it is inevitable that a considerable amount of time will be required for the threatening clouds to dissipate.

Hikari, Issue 47, January 28, 1950
    translated by cynndd