Great Construction

Preface (Narratives)

     This volume is a collection of essays that have been chosen from among those carried in the newspaper Hikari or in the journal Chijôtengoku, both published by the Japan Kannon Church. Every effort has been exerted to select only those that are significant, plentiful in interest with food for the soul. There are those essays that been revised or added to, and every effort has been made to make this volume as perfect as possible, so even readers who have previously read these essays will probably be additionally moved and impressed.
     Of course, the main purpose has been to include topics that every human being must know such as items from current affairs, religion, ethics, and points for leading a better life. Therefore, it is hoped that the volume will be read as a compass for one’s path in life. This volume could also very well be called a new philosophy of life.

    January 1950

Narratives (page 2), January 30, 1950
    translated by cynndd